This is the time of year when gardeners are pruning their fruit trees so they’ll bloom and grow more vibrantly in spring. The similarities to soul and spirit work are just too good to pass up. Pruning in the yard and garden really gets rid of deadwood and unhealthy growth. So ask yourself what deadwood needs removing in your life? Where could you trim away growth that has run amok? Often this spiritual and emotional form of pruning happens naturally if we allow it. But, it’s not always in our nature to let things go – no matter how many books we’ve read or workshops we’ve attended that teach us how to do just that.

Pruning at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels is neither easy nor without discomfort. Sometimes, because we’ve invested a lot of energy in a branch of our life, cutting it off is scary and full of uncertainty. But rest assured that even though it’s not easy work, the return on your investment will be well worth it.

Here are some journaling prompts to help move you forward on the task of soul-level pruning.

  1. Where are the branches and vines that, if cut back or removed, would make room for healthy growth in my life?
  2. Which of my beliefs have become deadwood, standing in the way of self-trust and my connection to spiritual source?

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