The miracle of human tears to clarify, cleanse, celebrate and heal is really incredible. But the predominant thought pattern in our society is that crying is vulnerable and vulnerable is weak. And being told not to cry, or being ridiculed or shamed for crying bypasses healthy emotions that need to be expressed.

This is on my mind after reading a New York Times article called, “How to Stop Yourself From Crying.”

Our culture is deeply rooted in the archetype of the “stoic man.” Stoic man doesn’t cry. Even our feminine side is influenced by this, we can see it in the women who rise to positions of power.

Certainly there is a need to develop grit and resilience to be a healthy, functioning adult. But when we can shift away from feeling so threatened by emotions, away from labeling tears as weakness, it will be healing on so many fronts.

So please, don’t pinch yourself, or press your tongue to the roof of your mouth like this article suggests. Instead, celebrate the miracle of your tears and release them back to the Universe.

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