Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus joined Susie on Radiantly You! for an eye-opening conversation about sleep, biological clocks and productivity! In addition to using your chronotype as guide for syncing with your inner master clock, Dr. Breus shared his picks for products that will help you sleep better.

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If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, life’s little challenges become oh so much more difficult to deal with. That morning commute feels like torture, getting kids out the door for school is twice as challenging, and creativity and productivity at work plummets.

We asked Dr. Michael Breus – aka The Sleep Doctor – to recommend some products to help improve your sleep (in addition to little tweaks you’ll find in his book The Power of When). These also make fantastic gifts for insomniac relatives and friends!

  • Swannies – The Best Blue-Light Blocking Glasses For Better Sleep Tonight

    Dr. Breus wears these around the house starting around 9pm. He rates them as the best blue-light blocking glasses available.Swanwick
  • The Good Night® LED light bulb, originally developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station.

    Dr. Breus uses the GoodNight LED light bulb in his bedroom. It supports natural melatonin production - a hormone necessary for a good night sleep - and promotes a healthy circadian rhythm by assisting you in falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and getting a more restful night sleep. Lighting Science
  • The Awake & Alert® light bulb

    Dr. Breus lights his bathroom with Awake & Alert® bulbs, which emit a stimulating blue-enhanced spectrum of light. The result is more energy and alertness.Lighting Science
  • S+ Sleep Tracking Device

    S+ by ResMed is a non-contact sleep tracking system that records conditions in your room and provides feedback and suggestions to improve your sleep.ResMed
  • The Dr. Breus Control Your Sleep Online Program

    Learn the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) process Dr. Breus uses on major national television health programs to fix people’s sleep.The Sleep Doctor

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