{10} Gluten and Your Health Demystified


With special guests Karen Trubner-Kent {Design a Healthy Life} and Dr. Kelila Kasim {The O Institute}
Original Air Date: 11/16/2016

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Karen Trubner-Kent | Design Your Life


If you are gluten sensitive or intolerant, eliminating this protein from your diet will transform your health – but there are plenty of challenges and lots of conflicting information. From the basics of gluten testing to getting through the difficult stuff, Karen’s expertise and personal experience will provide ideas, tips and guidance on your gluten-free journey.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • Finding gluten-free foods and avoiding hidden gluten
  • Eating out and holiday challenges
  • Emotions and getting over the challenging transition to gluten-free
  • Tests available for gluten-sensitivity
  • False negatives in testing
  • The autoimmune disease and leaky gut connection
  • Is wheat/gluten in Europe really ‘safer’?
About Karen Trubner-Kent

Karen Trubner-Kent is an Environmental & Digestive Health Specialist, Certified Gluten Practitioner (CGP) and the owner of Design A Healthy Life. In working with clients, she teaches them how to transition into a healthier lifestyle by identifying and removing environmental and dietary toxins from the home – so they can protect their long-term health and the health of their families.

Trained in Functional Nutrition, she offers specialized support and guidance on gluten-related disorders, food sensitivities and autoimmune disease.

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Dr. Kelila Kasim | The O Institute



Dr. Kelila Kasim will be educating us about the relationship between our “intestinal nervous system” and the rest of the body. Our enteric nervous system plays a large role in food and gluten-related sensitivity as well as global body pains.  As a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Kelila Kasim helps people through all stages of digestive issues – from identification to ongoing care.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • The enteric nervous system
  • Why it’s important to get care after you’ve gone gluten free
  • Uncommon symptoms that could indicate gluten sensitivity (muscle pain, vitamin deficiencies and more

About Dr. Kelila Kasim

Dr. Kelila received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University and has a passion for helping others understand and restore the complex nature of their body. Because each body is different, Dr. Kelila likes to incorporate multiple techniques to ensure each patient is treated as an individual, including but not limited to: Applied Kinesiology, Trigger Point, as well as diversified, full-body and extremity adjusting. For true health, we must address not only the physical structure but also the emotional (mental) and chemical (metabolic/nutritional) make-up; all aspects need to be functioning optimally to create a solid foundation for innate healing.

Dr. Kelila has a strong passion for nutrition and continues her post- graduate study in Functional Medicine in the field of Applied Nutrition. This specialty addresses the underlying causes of disease (digestive, hormonal and metabolic, etc.) that lead to many common symptoms, such as migraines/headaches, digestive complaints (IBS/colitis/Crohn’s/heartburn), fatigue and chronic fatigue, PMS, weight gain, and depression/anxiety.  

Dr. Kelila passionately empowers people to take control of their health and guiding patients to discover the gifts that moving, thinking, and eating right offer. 

[The O Institute Website]

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