{08} Intuitive Channeling & Connecting to Your Spirit


With special guest Stephanie Levenston {Intuitive Channel and Spiritual Guide/Coach}
Original Air Date: 11/02/2016

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Intuitive Channeling for Higher Guidance | Stephanie Levenston



Stephanie is unique in that she can channel the higher self of any living person – including you! When you call in, be prepared with your question. Some ideas: Ask your own higher self about where you are on your journey (are you in transition, feeling stuck, feeling something big is coming up on their horizon, struggling in work/personal relationships, life direction questions, etc).  Parents can ask to connect with their child’s soul/essence if they have questions related to how they can best support their child (no matter the age) or what their child needs from them. Tuning in to the essence of your spouse or partner is also very powerful. Stephanie will only need your first name and she may ask you some followup questions to be sure she’s tuning in to the right messages.

I am so honored to have the amazing Stephanie Levenston joining Radiantly You! Aside from being an intuitive channel and spiritual guide, Stephanie really loves encouraging and teaching others how to access their own intuition so it can become a trusted guide in their journey. The messages Stephanie channels can really jump start you into your best life and living your deepest desires.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • Intuition, intuition and more intuition!
  • How to honor your intuition when it nudges you in a certain direction
  • How and why we become disconnected from our powerful inner wisdom
  • How to recognize your inner voice
  • Ways to develop trust and reconnect to your inner wisdom
  • The importance of listening beyond words
About Stephanie Levenston

Stephanie is an Intuitive Channel and Spiritual Guide/Coach who offers Individual and Group Readings via phone, Skype, or in-person. Stephanie has trained under the mentorship of Sally Baldwin and Sonia Choquette. Stephanie’s sessions have been described as “healing,” “magical,” “transformative,” “powerful,” “life-changing,” “affirming,” “peaceful,” and “compassionate.” Her clients highly recommend her to their friends and family. Stephanie’s warmth, humor, and compassion are three strengths that her clients highly value. She has the ability to put anyone at ease and is able to process and explain messages that come through her messages in order to help her clients fully understand and integrate the information they are receiving. Stephanie’s messages are always of the highest vibration as she only tunes into the highest level of loving energy and guidance. She is able to channel love and healing to those who are in pain and/or experiencing loss as well as offer spiritual coaching/guidance to those who are interested in making changes in their lives. Stephanie’s Guides are humorous and full of light so her sessions generally involve much laughter and evoke positive feelings. Stephanie loves helping others connect with their loved ones on the other side and supporting her clients on their life path. She cares deeply for every client and most of her clients are regular repeat customers. Stephanie helps people find clarity in their lives by providing insight through her mediumship, psychic abilities, Spirit Guides, and coaching skills. You can come to her with specific questions about your life that you want answered. Stephanie can tap into those areas to shed light on your current path and help determine how and where you might find ongoing support through your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

She believes we all have the innate ability to channel and connect to our Higher Selves and our divine nature. Stephanie has a passion for supporting parents in making deep and lasting connections with their children. As a mother of 3, she is keenly aware of the challenges parents face in raising children in this time of uncertainty, external pressure, divisiveness, and busyness. She strongly feels that by connecting to their child’s spirit, many parents can gain the guidance and support necessary to heal and transform their relationships with their children, no matter how old their children may be. To maintain herself as a clear and effective channel, Stephanie believes in radical self care: daily rituals of meditation, exercise, yoga, healthy food/lifestyle, reading, connecting with animals, time spent outdoors, journaling, nurturing family relationships and friendships, and self-affirmation. She can often be heard guiding her clients in the creation of their own rituals of radical self care as she knows personally how crucial this is to internal peace.

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