{05} How a Health Coach Stays Healthy (and Sane!)


With special guest Lacey Maloney {Health Sanity Coach}
Original Air Date: 10/12/2016

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Get Healthy Without Going Crazy!

Lacey Maloney


During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • Lacey’s top five health coach secrets for everyday health
  • How Lacey went from hungry and frustrated to eating what she wants while staying healthy
  • How to shift your behaviors and beliefs about food choices
  • Tools available to make health a part of your life
  • How various health conditions like hormone balance, blood sugar, autoimmune issues and fatigue can benefit from healthy changes


About Lacey

Lacey’s zest for health coaching comes from her own struggles and frustrations with trying to get healthy. In her early 20s she followed weight loss and health advice she found in the media and health magazines. When she wasn’t at the gym trying to burn the fat or scouring the internet for answers, she was counting calories, grams of carbs, fat & protein and searching for a new, lower calorie/higher protein/more satisfying snack. Her life soon revolved around: food, worry, gym, guilt, willpower, scale. She was miserable.
All she wanted was to reach that level of effortless health she had seen others do.

But instead of getting healthy, she became anxious, obsessed, frustrated, disappointed and angry with herself… and the pounds kept adding up!!! She kept thinking there was something wrong with her. That she didn’t have enough willpower. That she wasn’t strong enough.

When Lacey hit the wall with her frustrations and disappointments, she had a moment of clarity: she had felt so much better before, when she didn’t care what she ate. The problem wasn’t her, it was the crazy diets!!!

Ditching the diets brought an immediate sense of relief. The obsession was gone and she was happy again!

Soon after, Lacey’s path intersected with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), that unbeknownst to her, was located just a few floors above where she worked in the Time Warner Building at Whole Foods Market in NYC. One day at work, she picked up a pamphlet for IIN left on the lunch table and the rest is history. That was 10 years ago!

Fast forward to today!  Lacey now combines her experiences, unique interests and education to help others realize they too can have their health, happiness and sanity! Instead of it overtaking their life, it becomes a natural, effortless part of it.

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