{03} Tame Your Fears + Shake Off the Sugar


With special guests Debbie Lacy {Ready-Set-Manifest} + Michelle Wong {The Nonlinear Path}
Original Air Date: 9/28/2016

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Tame Your Fears | Debbie Lacy

Debbie Lacy Tame Your Fears


If I told you it was possible to tame your fears in ten minutes or less, would you want to know how? Would you still want to know if it meant you’d be free to do the thing you’ve been afraid of? To take a risk and go outside your comfort zone? Debbie Lacy will join Radiantly You! as a very special guest on September 28 to share proven strategies that will diminish even the most stubborn fear to the point where you’ll  no longer have an excuse to be stuck. Tune in and be sure to get the tools to tame your fears each and every time they show up.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • Naming the fear
  • Calling fear’s bluff
  • Experiencing fear as a guide
  • The flip side of fear
  • How not to feed fear
  • Visualizations for fear reduction

About Debbie Lacy

When I was 11 years old, I discovered the section in the library with everything about reincarnation, ghosts, magic, and spirituality. I read book after book in the small library in Lexington, Virginia. The psychology books were right next to that section, so I started reading Freud and Jung. I was hooked, fascinated by the world of emotions and the mind. After studying psychology as an undergrad, I chose social work for my graduate studies and for my first career.

I was drawn to the way social work integrated the whole person, taking into account not just psychology and family dynamics, but race, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and other important aspects of identity and life experience.

Unfortunately, I quickly found that direct service as a clinical social worker wasn’t a good fit for me; I didn’t know how to manage the stress and the emotional toll.
I sought management positions and enjoyed some aspects, but disliked the administrative responsibilities of budgets and grant writing. I was in my early 30s, and for the first time, completely lost and unsure about my future.

I was introduced to life coaching by a former colleague and within one year of working with her, I had entered a coach training program, moved to a bigger apartment so I could have an office at home, and left my full-time, well-paying job with benefits.

The transformation I initiated was quickly met with other changes (of course!), such as the loss of a long-term relationship. I then met my husband in the summer of 2003 and in the midst of falling in love and launching my coaching business, my family suffered a life-altering trauma; my father was killed by a teenage employee… for $457 stolen from the restaurant’s cash box.

The traumatic grief over the senseless loss was unbearable at times, but I consciously chose to be broken open instead of broken down. I spent several years healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That journey shaped who I am today and how I serve others.

As I look back, I see that each experience in my life has uniquely prepared me for all aspects of my work, from life coaching to facilitation to Storytelling for Change.

I’m a wife, mother, dog owner, and co-owner of a small winery in Woodinville, Wash. (The winery is my husband’s dream and I couldn’t be prouder of him.)

[Debbie’s Website]

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Shake off the Sugar | Michelle Wong



Michelle Wong is joining us to help us shake off the sugar with some simple strategies to reduce cravings for sweets. This is especially helpful if you’re a busy professional who typically runs on coffee and sugary snacks for fuel, aka – you can’t say “no” to the office donuts, or you have the candy bowl at work. If you like sweets and are afraid to let them go, Michelle’s got your back!

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • One overlooked step to ease off cravings
  • How to lose the cravings without giving up sweets cold turkey (yes!)
  • The science behind cravings and why it’s not about willpower
  • Signs that you have sugar cravings even when you think you’re balanced
  • How to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and keep sugar/refined carb cravings in check

About Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong empowers heart-centered women, and inspires them to thrive physically, spiritually and financially. Receiving her bachelors in System & Information Engineering, and with years of experience in corporate, she understands the demands of a busy lifestyle, and how when it comes to healthy changes: “If it’s not simple and easy, it won’t get done!”

It was through her own relationship with crazy diets, cravings and binge eating that led her to look deeper beyond dieting and calorie counting. Michelle has a deep passion for movement, holistic nutrition, and energy medicine. She takes an analytical yet holistic approach to effective lifestyle changes.

Michelle feels incredibly grateful for her wellness tribe, Luscious Life Design, and their partnership with USANA Health Sciences. With this beautiful collaboration, she has a platform to truly mentor women who are seeking to create health + wealth through community, authenticity, and joy.

[Michelle’s website]

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