Winter is all about soulful rest, purposeful rest – hitting the pause button before energies ramp up for spring’s new growth. Aromatherapy can help you sink deeper into this reflective period and it’s supportive of restorative activities that are recommended during the winter season, like yoga, meditation, journaling. I encourage you to also bring these oils into your sacred space.

Essential oils made from roots are especially supportive of our inner work, reflection and creating space explore ourselves. Roots are usually collected as fall turns to winter, when the plant’s root energy is highest (to get it through winter). The earthy, warming energy of these oils anchors and balances our own energy.

My favorites root essential oils for winter include:

Angelica (sometimes called the oil of the angels)

Valerian (calming and grounding)

Vetiver (woodsy and uplifting)

Spikenard (sacred, rejuvenating, once used in India as a perfume, said to have been used to anoint the feet of Jesus before the last supper)

I recommend finding someone you know and trust who can help you figure out which oils will best support you in winter and how to use them safely. Be sure to use oils that carry the label of therapeutic grade. Young Living and DoTerra are both reputable companies. I’ve also used blends from Rocky Mountain Oils and loved them!

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