Misery Muck Meet David Byrne

Here’s to Cheer! David Byrne – yes, Talking Heads David Byrne – just launched Reasons to be Cheerful, a project that’s all about pulling ourselves out of the misery muck that 2017 seemed to rain down on so many people. People are needing a little self-therapy right now and looking for reasons to be cheerful is…well…very therapeutic.

These grassroots initiatives change the mental map of how people think about things. They change the conversation. Byrne collected inspiration at the local level – projects, ideas and activities – that he hopes can be shared and gain wider adoption. No need to reinvent the wheel of happiness, right? Byrne says, if it works copy it.

I’d like to share a few of my reasons to be cheerful and I hope you’ll share yours too!

Uncustomary – Started by Mary England this grassroots city arts project tackles mental illness and strives to make people happy with glitter and lots of colorful paint.

Move and Groove – Started by Susan Creighton, this is a big ole community dance party with the goal of making people feel like they belong.

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