January 2018 is really giving us a spectacular lunar show! We get to see a full moon on the first day of January AND on the last day of January – pretty unusual.

We started with a full Wolf Moon on January 1 that is also the closest supermoon we’ll see in all of 2018. That’s why coastal areas are experiencing astronomical high tides – these occur when the moon, earth and sun line up and the gravitational forces of the moon and sun combine. Topping it off, this supermoon is the closest the moon will be to Earth in all of 2018.

January’s second full moon – the Snow Moon or Hunger Moon – occurs on January 31 and it’s so much more than ‘just’ a full moon. This full moon is also a rare blue moon (a second full moon in the same month), AND there will be a blue moon lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse of a blue moon hasn’t occurred in 150 years! Be prepared for the blue moon to turn into a blood moon during the lunar eclipse.

Also be prepared for people around you (not you of course!) to be going off the charts emotionally during the supermoon eclipse – it’s energy  can be fairly disruptive.

Maybe stay in a cook! If you haven’t ever tried feasting with the moon, give it a try!! I’m a huge fan of Jessica Prentice’s book about food and full moons, “Full Moon Feast: Food and Hunger for Connection.” Her recommendations for foods in alignment with the Wolf Moon included a butternut squash soup, chicken soup with wild rice, Dungeness crab cakes, and sourdough goodies. For the Hunger Moon, food is all about roots: parsnip soup, beet borscht, roasted root veggies, and winter minestrone.

The last moon of the month also is a full moon in Aquarius, meaning the energy will shift to a frequency that is highly supportive of change and progress. If there’s anything you didn’t let go of as January began this is a good chance to do some last minute detaching (especially if it’s about forgiveness!)

Enjoy January’s feisty moon events, because February has no full moon at all – not even one!

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