If you are ready to step out of existing paradigms about life on this planet, you’re gonna have to be ok with being a lightning rod. Case in point: energy healing. Many aren’t in a place where they can wrap their heads around ground-shaking interdimensional possibilities. Some are fearful of or threatened by the very idea of working with energies that we cannot see.

My friend Pat Hawks (author of Under Their Wings and an incredibly funny parenting skills teacher) pointed this out when I mentioned to her that, while researching hospitals that are integrating energy healing and similar modalities, I came across articles lambasting organizations like Duke, NYU Langone and Cleveland Clinic for offering complimentary services like Reiki and aromatherapy. One critic went so far as to say, “We’ve become witch doctors.” Seriously? I thought we were past this kind of fear-based thinking. Living in the Seattle area, which is pretty open to alternative everything, I sometimes forget the resistance to change that exists in our modern system of health care.

Even within my own family, I’ve had lots of eye rolls and jokes about voodoo when I talk about my work. But I don’t care. Really! Even when my husband joked that – after a coconut breaking ceremony with the Sacred Supper Club that I was hosting – our yard looked like a Hindu temple … the only thing missing was the monkeys. Once you experience the healing potential of metaphysical therapies, there’s just no going back. The motivation to push forward far outweighs cynicism from outside. I’m happy to say, I’ve also seen support emerge from unexpected places, so I no longer even try to guess who is open or not to hearing about or trying energy healing.

I’m so impressed by the teachers I’ve learned from because many of them were labeled as kooks in the 1970s, and if they came from a field of healthcare or science – they were likely blacklisted and became the laughing stock of their profession. But those who persisted as lightning rods paved the way for me and people like me, enabling information to pass forward instead of being lost.

People like Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), who left a tenured job as a professor in the 1970s because his colleagues doubted his work. In an interview, Bruce told Conscious TV, “I had a problem with my colleagues, because first of all they doubted my work. I brought them into the experiments and had them observe them, and watch them, and they all said, ‘Wow, yeah, the environment controls the cells.’ But they wanted to marginalize it so that they would say, “That’s an exception or an anomaly” because we’re teaching genetic control.  It didn’t fit the story.”

So Bruce left. “Look, I can’t keep my integrity, and at the same time teach something I know is patently wrong. So I walked out because I saw that teaching the belief that genes control life was very, very incorrect.  And it’s very interesting because I did that in 1970 and now it’s like 30, 40 years ago, and guess what?  The new science that is just coming into the forefront of our world today, is something called ‘Epigenetic Control’.  What I was teaching was genetic control, control by genes.”

The real teaching is that walking the path less traveled requires some grit and determination, along with a big helping of compassion and empathy for those who try to shut you down. Even the beautiful young sapling must harden its bark to survive the elements all around. It sends roots even deeper into the ground in times of distress and threatening conditions. If you’re ready to be a lighting rod, make sure you’re doing your grounding work daily!

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