Winter is a great time to give your journaling practice some TLC – it’s a natural time of quiet reflection and restoration. And it’s such a restorative and healing practice when done on a regular basis. But oh, what pressure we put on ourselves when we try to put pen to a smooth, blank piece of paper. What to write? How to write? As soon as those questions come in, the purpose of journaling has been hijacked by your ego and analytical mind. And don’t even get me started on what happens when you look at Instagram photos of artful journals with beautiful hand-lettering.

I’ve tried bullet journaling, automatic writing and timed journaling (hey, if I’m telling someone else to do it, I better have tried it out myself!). None of these were especially gratifying to me. What has worked for me? Writing like my journal is a secret junk drawer filled with trinkets and treasures that only I could love and appreciate. A quote that inspired me, notes about an image that got me thinking, random musings that speak to my heart at a given moment. The words don’t need to flow like poetry or narrative. Nor do they need to be in any particular order or even have a reason for being there. For me, this is a small journal that fits in my purse and goes where I do. So I can write whenever inspiration hits!

Adding essential oils to your journaling practice can also open up your creativity!

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