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Melody Boyer LittonSusie: Melody Litton is our next guest and she’s actually a perfect guest today because it’s International Peace Day – because Melody helps people find inner peace, and from this inner peace, people can rediscover their joy and access deep healing. Melody is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she’s an Inspirational Speaker, she’s written several transformative books including “How to be Totally Awesome” and “Overcoming Darkness” and as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a Transformational Life Coach. Welcome, Melody. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Melody: Thank you, Susie. What a blessing it is to be here today. Anytime I can share the message of love and light and healing, I am all over it.

Susie: Wonderful. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do.

Melody: Absolutely. As you mentioned, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I align with the modality of heart-centered hypnotherapy because it is the modality that lets us dive deeply into the soul, deeply into the subconscious mind to identify where all of our junk is stored, so that we can get rid of it. My favorite thing in the world is healing and witnessing healing. Really, I see my job as helping people to identify and find their inner light. Every one of us has an amazing inner light. It just gets blocked.

Susie: And if you don’t believe you have it [inner light], you do, we all do.

Melody: Absolutely. Sometimes, we have to dive really deep to find it but it is there. And then I get to work with people as we identify all that junk that’s on top. All the darkness that’s blocking it. All the trauma, all the fear, all the lies. And we start washing it away one layer at a time, and our light gets brighter and brighter, and pretty soon, we are just shining and people notice us when we walk down the street. They’re like, “Hey. What happened? What’s different about you?” And it’s just about releasing the baggage and the junk.

Susie: So how did you get started doing this?

Melody: Really, that’s one of my favorite stories. About nine years ago, my husband and I were foster parents in Tennessee. And we adopted two of our foster children. And then we had several others that came in and out of our home. And if you know anything about foster children, they have been through a lot. They have a lot of baggage; they have a lot of brokenness. And I had these children, and they had troubles. And they had behavioral troubles and mental health troubles, and emotional stuff. And I took them to every traditional place I could. We visited doctors and psychiatrist and traditional counselors and nothing touched their problems. We would go in, and they would say all the right things and they would have all these great plans, and then we’d come home and it just all went to pot again. The behaviors came up and the traumas came up, and just all the craziness came up.

And so, I threw out my hands one day and I was like, “Okay, God. You keep giving me these kids. What am I supposed to do to help them?” And that is when I started looking at the alternative healing world. And it’s been years. [chuckle] That was nine years ago and really, it was been in the last three that Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy came into the picture. And it just allowed me to tie in everything I’ve been learning about energy, everything I’ve been learning about our spirit and our soul, and tie it all together in a way that made sense. And that really brings about lasting healing and change. And I have seen that healing in my own children. And I’ve seen that healing on thousands of other people now.

Susie: Amazing story. And what are you passionate about?

Melody: I am absolutely passionate about healing. As I mentioned before, I am passionate about witnessing healing. I am passionate about bringing healing into my own heart and then sharing that with others. So many people are sad. So many people feel empty and broken. And then there’s other people that are oblivious to their emptiness and their brokenness, and they’re just like zombies.

Susie: Well, I think some people just get to a point where they accept the state that they feel. And that begins to become their normal.

Melody: Absolute. And they even forget anything other than that normal even exist or is even possible. And so, I love helping people find a new normal. Helping people be restored to that light. To that really, is begging to guide them and show them the way to a healthier happier more beautiful life. And once they find that light again, and it guides them, you can never go back. You can never go back to the zombie, to the darkness. It’s just so much better. It’s such a better way to live.

Susie: So how do you begin to do this? How do you begin to reconnect somebody with that beautiful light inside?

Melody: One of my very, very favorite things to do, is to guide people through a meditation or even a hypnosis exercise where we start aligning with a higher vibrational self. So inside each one of us, is a higher part of us. It’s this beautiful part of our soul that’s directly connected up into the universe to divine light. And as we identify with this part of us and start to realize, “Oh my word. There is some part of me that’s wise and beautiful and knows the right choices and the right decisions and can make healthy decisions.” Once we start attuning to that higher vibration, then the healing starts coming naturally. And that higher vibration can guide me and guide that individual towards greater healing and rapid healing. Where before, I’ve had people come in that have been to traditional counseling. Now, traditional counseling plays a beautiful role. And I love traditional counselors. But I have had people come in that had been to traditional counseling for 20 years, for the same issue. And they walk in my door, and we dive right into the root of the issue, which is something you can do with hypnosis, which is why it’s so powerful and we just wash it away. And they walk out feeling a million times lighter.
Susie: So to somebody who might be listening, and thinking I’ve been in there for years [dealing with the same issue in therapy]. This sounds way too easy. Why does this work?
Melody: So, we have our conscious mind. And I can sit here and I can talk and I can set goals, and I can tell you all about myself. And then, we have 90% of the rest of us that’s very down in there in the subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind really, is what drives our beliefs, it’s what drives our motivations, it’s what drives our ability to function and do and move forward in our goals. So if we set a conscious goal, and then you find yourself subconsciously sabotaging it, we need to understand why. So the hypnosis allows us to dive beyond the conscious mind and start to talk to all the different parts of our self. Or not just the self. You have many amazing layers, and each of those layers has something to say. And we dive in and then we find the layers that are sabotaging. We find the layers that are sad, we find the layers that have been traumatized and then we work with those parts of you to heal. And as those parts of you heal, the sabotaging goes away and those emotions are able to be released because they’ve been heard and seen.

Susie: I want to tell people a little bit about the special offer that you have.

Melody: Oh, I’m so excited Susie, this radio show came at a beautiful time for me because next week, I am launching a brand new program. I am starting to do online group healing sessions. And the first one is next Tuesday, and it will be a live stream, so I’ll be right there with you live and I will be incorporating the hypnosis, the meditation, and some powerful energy-cleansing techniques in order to start clearing your vibration, allowing you to rise into that higher and more beautiful vibrations, so that you can be led toward greater light and love. As you can imagine, I have just a limited amount of time that I can give to private clients. I have to be really careful how many private individual clients I take. And so, this is a way for me to begin spreading love and light all over the world. I have people from Germany, and Australia, and here in the United States that have already registered for this class, and when we come together, all that energy together brings such a new level of healing that’s not even possible on our own.

Susie: I want to ask a question about something that I to hear a lot when people come in. I tend to hear people saying things like, “I have just lost touch with who I am. I have lost touch with that person I used to be. I want that back and I feel so hopeless.” How can you help our listeners who maybe can relate to that a little bit? I think at one point in our lives, all of us experience a bit of that. Where do those feelings come from, and how does it get to a point where people feel like they can’t come back from that?

Melody: Yes, even you just asking that question, I feel my energy just getting heavier. Hopelessness is such a heavy, heavy feeling, it’s a heavy emotion. And what people don’t realize when they say things like, “I’m hopeless,” “I feel like I’ve lost myself,” or “I feel broken,” or “my heart is broken,” you actually are. Little parts of you get lost. Little parts of your spirit get left behind. Little parts of you literally break off and you become more empty. And the reason you feel hopeless is because there is less and less and less of you that’s even living inside your body. And what I love about what I do, one of my very favorite things is what I call a soul retrieval. And we identify those emotions. And we follow those emotions back. And we find out where those parts of you got lost. Where those parts of you were broken. And we pick them up. And we hold them. I’m even going to cry talking about it because it’s so beautiful. We hold those little pieces, maybe that five-year-old girl that got beaten when she was kindergarten. Maybe that teenager who was hurt and left by her father, or her boyfriend, or whatever it can be, really little things that are big to you at the time.

I go back to first grade or my kindergarten… My first grade teacher got mad at me for not coloring correctly. Those can be little traumas where we lose little pieces of ourselves and by time we’re an adult, how many little moments like that have we had? And so, in hypnotherapy, we can go back and find those pieces, clean them off, help them to heal, calling the divine light to guide them back and begin, a little bit at a time, feeling more whole. And as we become more whole, the hope begins to return, the ability to see light begins to return, the ability to even trust that maybe it’s possible to have a happy life begins to return.

Susie: And I have to say that you hear a lot of talk out there about different modalities that are transformational but this one really, really is. It’s transformational, it’s powerful. From the moment that you experience where you’ve lost little pieces of yourself along the way, you already have healed. And so, you will not go back to where you were before a session.

Melody: It’s so beautiful, I can’t even tell you, it’s just so beautiful. There is an amazing array of different modalities of healing and I honor every one of them. I think that every one of them offers beautiful truth and beautiful healing and this one’s like the Mac Daddy. The Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy pulls everything together and just does it in such a powerful and rapidly healing, offers a rapid healing ability that some of the others may not quite as powerfully.

Susie: How often do people come back usually when they’re working on something? I realized there’s a huge range of issues but on average…

Melody: There is a huge range. When I’m doing private sessions, I like people to come three weeks in a row, boom, boom, boom, and really do a lot of powerful connecting with the divine, connecting with their inner child, connecting with all that stuff that’s going on inside of them and then we typically spread it out quite a bit. Some people need to come in after a couple of weeks and other people, it becomes more of a month or six weeks or every quarter, depends on how much stuff they’ve got going on and we want give the energy time to settle in between. But what I love about my group sessions that are starting again, next Tuesday will be the launch of the first one: “Awaken to the Life You Love.”

Susie: Yay! I’m very excited for this.

Melody: And I love it. We want people to start awakening, waking up to the possibility of life. What I love about these group sessions is that every week, I’ll be doing one hour of group online healing so that everyone around the world can come together, receive that healing. So every week, you can devote yourself to one hour of personal self-care and healing. And then in between, you can re-listen to those meditations or you can do the exercises or the little promptings that come to you during that session to keep yourself on track.

Susie: Absolutely beautiful. Tell people again how they can access this stream.

Melody: Just go to my online classes on my website and you’ll be able to access and register for my first, which is “Awaken to a Life You Love.” And it’s absolutely free, anyone and everyone is welcome to join me for that first session and after that, you can feel it and in your heart and that divine part of you will help you know if it’s something you need to continue.

Susie: And I will also post the link to that on the Radiantly You! Radio Facebook page, so people can easily access that. Another thing that I hear from people quite often is brain fog. Do you get that often [clients]?

Melody: Absolutely. So with a brain fog and not being present and that’s really the key to it, we’re not being present in our life because there’s so much going on under the surface that we literally don’t know how to deal with it and we check out. So a quick and easy thing that you can do right now, in this moment, whether you’re driving or sitting or lying down is just take a breath. So with me, right now, we’re just going to take a breath, breathing in, I know that I am breathing in and then exhale, breathing out, I know that I am breathing out. So today, if you heard nothing else that I said, I encourage you to keep that little technique with you: Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in, breathing out, I know that I am breathing out. And it’s about becoming mindful of this moment. Air is absolutely life-giving and if we tie our consciousness to our breathing, then it helps us stay present and the brain fog just floats away because we’re staying present in our body. And when we stay present in our body, we’re not checked out, we’re not often about, we are just staying focused and there for ourselves.

Susie: Wonderful. Thank you so much Melody. I hope everyone goes and takes Melody up on this beautiful group healing because it definitely will change your life.

Melody: Thank you Susie, it’s been so wonderful to be here.

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