If I say hierarchy, you probably say something like organizational flow chart or that’s how to tell who’s in charge. But did you know that hierarchy actually doesn’t mean that at all (even though that is how we use it today!). In it’s true meaning, it refers to a band of angels working together for good…or something along those lines. I only point this out to get us in the right frame of mind, which is really to say that no matter how smart you are, how many degrees you have, or what you’ve achieved in life… there’s a good chance that everything you think you know isn’t pure reality – it’s a distortion. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Back when I started my energy healing training, my teachers, one after another and in one way or another, would tell me things like ‘healing and curing aren’t the same,’ ‘a person can be healed and still be sick,’ and ‘let go of the healing outcome for your clients.’

I figured they just didn’t know what they were talking about; maybe they were misguided. Didn’t they know I was going to FIX people and SAVE the world? I couldn’t imagine a doctor who would settle for letting go of a healing outcome. I had very definite ideas of what healthcare and healthy meant and the doctor’s standards seemed pretty good to me.

Then I read Joy’s Way, by Brugh Joy, as part of my Healing Touch training. It was the first page of the first chapter of the book when I read Brugh’s words, “for you to share this strange and wonderful experience with me, it will help for you to work from the viewpoint of a beginner’s mind.”

I resisted. I’d put a lot of effort into my learning. Why abandon that and pretend I know nothing, and worse yet, start over? Boy did I have a lot to learn! Thankfully, Joy’s book helped me understand how my existing belief systems and judgments could get in the way of learning something new. I’m glad he put this concept right at the start of the book, because it changed how I read the book and how I took it in as an energetic experience.

Now it’s your turn. Can you recall a time when you were hearing or learning about something that you’d learned about previously? I bet while you were listening to the new information, you were probably comparing it to the stuff you’d learned before, maybe even engaging in a little banter with yourself about the topic (at which point, you probably missed some key points being taught). I did that all the time (and still catch myself often)!!

The things my mentors and teachers had been saying came into focus when I let my preconceived ideas of what healing ‘should be’ fall away.

I encourage my clients also to allow themselves to have a beginner’s mind when it comes to their healing; especially because I tend to see a lot of people who’ve been through the healthcare wringer. Now you might be surprised by the number of people who show up to work with me because their healthcare providers aren’t able to help them anymore or in the way they want…and right after telling me that, they  proceed to repeat and ally themselves with the stuff those providers told them. Once they see this pattern, it really liberates them to explore and experience true, deep healing. The difference is remarkable and a joy to see.

These days, I allow myself now to get curious about things I think I know. Is green really green or is it just green because I’ve been told so? Is an atom a lifeless bit of energy or is it a living entity? When we shut off our filters – our conditioning and beliefs – we are making a vulnerable first step in our awakening.

Brugh wrote that our outer, everyday mind is the very last area of our awareness to comprehend anything. But we put it in charge of important decisions about how we perceive and live our lives. I’ll leave you with a quote from Socrates that I’ve loved ever since reading it in college (and it has so much more meaning to me now!): “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

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