Fall is upon us – a time to stock up, take inventory, and hunt and gather in preparation for the coming dark and cold of winter. It’s an ideal time to nourish your soul for the coming gray months.

Our October 14-16 Reiki I/II Certification falls on October’s full moon, heralding a time when the curtain between our physical world and the energetic world is more see through than usual. This adds the prospect for even more powerful spiritual growth from Reiki attunements and healings that occur in class.

October’s full moon appears extra bright and long in the sky – illuminating places where shadows linger. The October 14-16 Reiki Weekend Certification class will create a safe and sacred space to allow the full moon energies to create a healthy connection to your shadow aspects – those areas that we deny or repress. The result is claiming your personal and create power so that you can manifest the life you want.

IMPORTANT Leading up to the class, we encourage you to pay attention to messages, dreams and intuitive hits you receive leading up to the class and we can share and explore them!

We keep classes small, so spots are limited. Class details, Reiki teacher info and registration info can be found at http://radiantriverwellness.com/reiki-oct2016/


  • Jessi T.

    This class changed me. Thank you so very very much. Love & Light always.

    • susiehk

      Christy and I are so happy for your transformation and it was amazing being part of your Reiki journey! Thank you for sharing how much the class helped you.

      Light & Laughter,


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