I had the chance to chat with Foot Zone Therapist Christi Lynn Cope on Radiantly You! about this interesting healing modality that addresses underlying conditions in the body through the feet. From her interesting journey to becoming a healer to great tips for taking care of your feet, Christi covered it all! Please enjoy this excerpted interview from the show! If you want to listen to or download the show podcast, just follow this link.

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Christi Lynn Cope - Foot Zone TherapySusie: ….I’m talking to Christi Lynn Cope. She is a Foot Zone therapist and Reiki practitioner and describes herself as a natural healer. Welcome Christi, I’m really excited to talk feet with you today. But first, tell us how you came to be this creative inspirational healer.

Christi: Well, it all happened quite a few years ago. I went through a traumatic thing in my life. I got divorced and so I started healing myself and healing my body. And as I looked back, I saw that I had been healing other people all around me for many, many years. And so I decided to switch my career from technology and sitting front of a computer all day and turn toward people. And I’ve always liked feet and I really, really enjoyed doing my family’s feet and stuff, and my children when they were young. I started seeing some different healers and stuff and it came to me that I’m a healer. Foot Zone therapy is something I really enjoy because it really makes people feel better. Our feet are very, very important and I really enjoy making people feel better. Instead of getting tired after work, I’m energized after I work with people and it makes a huge difference.

Susie: Feet really are kind of our grounding, they connect us to Mother Earth and all of the nurturing energy that she has to offer. And sometimes we don’t give them enough attention unless they’re aching at the end of the day. Why are feet this doorway to healing in the body?

Christi: Well, I believe that because every body system runs through your feet. If you look at foot map, it’s basically your body. From your head to toe, you can see all the organs and all the circulatory system and all the systems of the body on your feet. When you touch people’s feet, it re-energizes organs and pushes their lymph system and really puts them in a new healing space, especially if you have good energy around them and it helps… It releases toxins.

Susie: And what happens if there’s an imbalance in our feet?

Christi: When you have imbalances in your feet, it means there’s typically an imbalance in the body. And when I’m working on someone’s feet, I can touch different things. And if it hurts, I’ll ask them if they want to know what it is and then I’ll tell them what part of the body it is and then they can work on that imbalance themselves or they can come and we can do more treatment to get that working.

Susie: Well, there are lot of people know about reflexology. And when I hear about somebody touching feet, I tend to think of reflexology. I hadn’t heard about Foot Zone Therapy. What are the differences?

Christi: Reflexology, which I’m not licensed in, it’s more like that people come to you with specific injuries and relaxation that they want. And with Foot Zone Therapy, every treatment, we touch everything. We make sure to touch all the parts of the body every time you get a treatment. It takes about an hour and it just helps reset the body, the whole body. And a reflexologist is anyone that touches feet, it’s a wonderful thing to do.

Susie: You wouldn’t work on just one zone? If I came in and I had an ache in my wrist or something like that, you wouldn’t just go to one zone on my foot, you would literally treat the whole…

Christi: Yes, I would treat the whole foot and the whole body. Yeah. If you had a wrist problem or if you had a neck problem, we treat the whole body because we’re so connected. And if you’re connected to your body, everything is connected to each other and to work on just one place that’s hurting, it’s not a whole body healing. We wanna do whole body healing when we touch the feet.

Susie: So, you mentioned something to me when we were talking earlier before we went on the air, about how your feet feel is how you feel. I love that.

Christi: If you’re feet are hurting, then there’s something wrong.

Susie: What are the zones? Are there literally zones on the feet that you work with?

Christi: Yeah. There are really four zones of the feet that we work on. The inside of the foot, the top of the foot, the right side of the foot and the outside of the foot and the bottom. And they correspond with different things, like your toes, and your big toe is all about the head. That’s how, when you look at your feet, it’s just like your body. If you look at your feet, your head is your big toe. And so it just flow down.

Susie: So, the heel would be your lower body?

Christi: Not really, more intestinal and lower torso type stuff…and hips.

Susie: Can you detect illness before it occurs? I think this sound a lot like there’s an energetic component to it and detecting something before it actually manifests. It sounds like this is better for that than for specific symptoms that you’re coming in.

Christi: Yes. It is. I don’t diagnose any sort of illnesses or anything like that. But you can tell, especially if someone comes over time, you can tell where they’re having a problem and you can suggest that they go to the doctor. To a medical doctor or a naturopathic doctor as preferred.

Susie: So, have you had any interesting cases where you discovered something really interesting about someone through their feet?

Christi: Yes. I was at a festival in the desert and I was working on someone’s feet in a bar, basically. [chuckle] And I was touching his feet. And I got to a certain area on his foot and I said, “Is your jaw bothering you?” and he said “Yes.” And I said, “Well. When you get back into town you should have someone look at that.” And the resolution to the story was he got his wisdom teeth pulled out. And the pain was gone.

Susie: That’s fascinating. So, what did you feel when you were touching his foot?

Christi: Mostly they’ll have extreme pain. They’ll jump. And it’s not always like this…the jaw is a bone. So, I can feel the organs on the bottom of the feet, but with bone, they will feel it.

Susie: But this might not be a pain that they’re even aware of until you touched that specific area?

Christi: Yes.

Susie: What exactly is the energy that’s running through out feet? What is it that you’re tapping into?

Christi: It’s definitely the meridians of the feet in the chakras. I can put chakra stones on your back and on your feet and reset your chakras that way. Some people don’t have a full hour to do foot zone therapy. But I can reset their energy just in about 20 minutes if I do that.

Susie: And how long should people come? Is once enough? Or do you recommend that they come longer?

Christi: I think that over time, we will get more connected to each other and we’ll really be able to do deep healing. Cause’ deep healing like with any type of healing practice, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work on it a little bit. And I like to heal to heal. We don’t like to put band aids on stuff. We want to really make people feel better. And so, I think multiple treatments is better. And it depends on what’s going on with your feet.

Susie: So, what if you have swollen feet?

Christi: So, swollen feet typically could be lymphatic drainage that’s not draining out of your body, or water. Just fluid build-up basically. Of course I can massage your feet, I can work on the lymph on your feet. But one of the things that you should do if your feet are swollen, is put them up. Just like your grandmother would do. Put them up on the table, read a book, watch TV. Do whatever you’re gonna do, but put your feet up and drink lots of water. Cause’ if your feet are swelling, just like when your fingers are swelling, if you’re exercising, that means that your body needs to push fluids. So, drink a lot of water and put your feet up.

Susie: And you hear about a lot of people have heel pain, these days. I hear commercials for addressing heel pain. What does our heel tell us?

Christi: Heel is really a lot about the digestive system in the lower organs of the body and your hips. In your hip bones. And so, a lot of people have sciatica in different stuff going on. And the heel, because of the thick pad of the heel, it’s kind of hard to get in there. So sometimes I’ll use a tool to kind of dig in there. It can also be about your shoes.

Susie: About your shoes?

Christi: Yeah. Because, if your shoes don’t fit properly or you’re a five and a half inch heel girl, which I know plenty of those, we put a lot of pressure on our feet. And pressure on the feet, then the ankles, knees and then the hips. And so, when your heel hurts, sometimes it’s an indication of that. Everybody is different, but heel pain is really, really… And sometimes it can be because of plantar fasciitis too. Yeah. And you can just work with that and work it out. And I’ve had people’s feet feel better that had those types of things after a treatment.

Susie: And feet are so important because they really are the platform we stand on, they’re our grounding and our balancing points. And we’re gonna talk some more about Foot Zone Therapy, exactly what it can help with, we’re gonna talk about some self-care tips. So, let’s talk self-care.

Christi: So my first tip is shoes. When you’re trying on shoes in the store or you’re ordering them online, they should fit without having to stretch them out or work them in. If they’re not fitting properly then you’re gonna have… They will eventually stretch out to fit your feet, but you’re gonna have problems with your feet while you’re breaking them in. And I know everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Susie: Okay, it’s so funny that you say that because I recently had an issue with the arch of my foot and I ended up having to go to a foot doctor. And he was just shaking his head and he said, “You women, you all buy your shoes way too small because you don’t want to look like you have big feet.” And I was thinking, “My shoes fit fine.” But he was like, “No, they’re too small.” So that was a huge eye opener. So I just was thinking about it though in terms of discomfort to my feet, but it also will be helpful for the rest of your body as well.

Christi: Oh, yes for sure and it’s funny that you say that, because we have to try on our shoes. And it doesn’t matter if you think you’re a size seven and these particular shoes fit you in a size nine. You can’t just go by the size. All shoes, just like our clothes, are made different sizes. And so…

Susie: What’s another really awesome thing we can do?

Christi: So, one of the things is to cut your toenails straight instead of curvy.

Susie: Why?

Christi: Because it prevents ingrown toenails a little bit. And you know a lot of people will go get their feet done at inexpensive pedicure shops – and that’s perfectly fine, but you need to realize that you don’t know what they’re putting on your feet. And so if I get a pedicure to get my feet really nice, I go home and I actually wash my legs and feet. And so it’s just a little tip. It’s nice to have them work on your feet and give you the massage and all that, but when they’re using stuff that you don’t know, you don’t want that on your body, so to wash your feet afterwards.

Susie: Okay, that’s a great point. I actually would not have thought of that one.

Christi: And so, another tip is just to keep your own feet clean. Wash your feet daily and dry them. And one of the reasons that we want to wash our feet daily and dry them is because then you will notice if something’s going wrong with your feet. If you pay attention just like any part of your body, you’ll notice if you’ve got hotspots from a potential blister. I mean you would feel that too, or dry skin or you could catch, goodness, foot fungus early.  Yeah and so, just you know, love your feet. Pay attention to them. They’re definitely our wheels on the ground and so it’s pretty important. And on that note, when you go out to public places like pools and stuff, wear flip flops or something on your feet.

Susie: I was just wondering, what if you’re kind of like feeling like you have a stiff big toe?

Christi: A stiff big toe probably has something to do with your neck or shoulders or tension. It could be the nerves, the cranial nerves at the back of the neck. It could be your neck and maybe your head’s just tired, heavy. And so you can work around the base of toe and that can help release that and it can work on headaches a little bit.

Susie: Okay. So tell us something else really yummy to do for our feet.

Christi: I really like to soak my feet in Epsom salts. And not every foot person agrees with me because it’s just relaxing and it will pull some toxins and stuff out of your body and I like to use whatever your favorite essential oil is. I like to use that to put in there and relax your feet. And that’s if your feet are a little sore, or they just feel like they need attention and plus it’s fun. And you can do it together with your family or with your friends. You can get bowls and soak your feet and have some fun.

Susie: A lot of people tend to have a stigma around touching feet. So what’s that about and how can we get past that if touching our feet is actually a really great way to connect and to heal?

Christi: Well, that’s interesting ’cause a lot of people, when I talk to them about being a Foot Zone therapist, they’re like “I would never let someone else touch my feet.” For various reasons. They’re disgusting, blah, blah, blah…Whatever they would say, but it’s one of those things, it’s one of those fear things that we need to push through. Push through the fear and it’s a little bit more prevalent with men I think than women. They don’t want me to see their feet or they don’t want people to see their feet and that’s why they are constantly having them socked and shoed. So that brings me to another thing. Walk barefoot even just in your house.

Susie: I love that. I try to do that as much as possible.

Christi: Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t suggest walking over gravel barefoot or anything like that but yeah in your house, walk around with your feet so they can like stretch out and be comfy.

Susie: I love that and also walking outdoors barefoot is really wonderful again for connecting with the nurturing Earth energy and we don’t spend enough time outdoors. And when we do, we’re wearing rubber-soled shoes and we just are really deprived of that. And the feeling of grass between your feet, you can forget after sometime how good that feels. So I love that one. I will definitely be doing that one.

Christi: Yeah. I would… I live in an apartment now so I don’t have a yard, but I use to go out every night and read. Take my shoes off and put them in the grass of even the dirt and read for 15 minutes.

Susie: So you’re now doing healing from sole to soul. On the foot, in the different zones, is the healing happening as you are touching it? So beyond just being able to tell somebody, “Okay you have an issue going on.” The next step beyond that is, what is happening? Is there an electrical signal being sent to the brain? How does this work?

Christi: If I feel something that feels like it needs extra help or extra healing or basically energy, like particularly the jaw, I will not push too hard on it after it’s been in pain, but I will just kind of work on that place a little longer and I will feed energy from my hands into the body to try and help relax it as much as we can.

Susie: Okay. And I think I did mention earlier, you’re a Reiki practitioner as well.

Christi: Yes, I am. Some people’s feet are really tender and it’s all about intention. You don’t have to really grind on a person’s foot to heal them. You just have to have to set the intention that you’re going to heal them and the energy will come to heal them.

Susie: Okay. For somebody sitting outside, in our listening audience wondering, “Maybe Foot Zone therapy is for me, maybe it’s not,” how do you tell people if they should should try it out?

Christi: Well, if they’re having trouble with their feet, it’s one thing and that’s the obvious choice. But also, Foot Zone therapy does a lot with… We hold emotions and stuff in our body and in our organs, and different places from past trauma, and childhood stuff, and any type of trauma like that, you can start working on through the feet. Because you get to touch those areas of the body, places where people don’t normally touch themselves or have other people touch them.

Susie: That’s really amazing. In a way, it can be an indirect way to get at a bigger issue?

Christi: Yes. Especially, if you have sessions over time and you know how that works. And you might dredge up something and sometimes people will get emotional and they’ll cry during a session and I’m just like, “Go home, drink a lot of water and rest, and feel whatever the feeling is, ’cause the only way we heal that is by feeling the feelings that we have.”

Susie: If somebody was, for example, seeing a psychotherapist for depression or anxiety issues, would Foot Zone therapy be a really great compliment to help move that along and boost that?

Christi: Yes. I do have a couple of clients that are seeing traditional psychotherapists and then this just kind of… Often, they are really tight and we hold stuff in really tight, and when you work on someone’s feet, they’re not able to… They will relax and have to release some of that stuff. That would help the psychotherapy or whatever type of healing that they’re working on maybe work a little bit better.

Susie: I love that. Because I think it’s… I feel like a lot of times our healthcare is a three-legged stool. And a lot of times, people just find one thing that they feel secure with that they think works for them and they stick with that and they don’t try other things. One of the reasons I wanted to even have this show Radiantly You just to let people know that there are so many fun ways that you can approach your health that aren’t necessarily considered traditional modalities. There are so many ways. And they’re fun, because you actually get to explore yourself from a whole new angle.

Susie: Would this Foot Zone therapy help migraines?

Christi: Yes. Just because of how the feet are and with your neck, they can help migraines. Plus also, you can touch the hypothalamus and the different glands in your head on the feet and you can click them and that will help reset them. But just taking care of your body will help with migraines and you know that.

Susie: That’s right. How would somebody go about finding a Foot Zone therapist? First, how would they connect with you if they’re here in the Seattle area and then how would they find a Foot Zone therapist if they’re listening from somewhere else?

Christi: Okay. If you want to connect with me, you can find me on my website. It’s www.christilynncope.com or you can text me. My phone number is 425-224-0072. If you’re looking for a Foot Zone therapist around the country, you can go to the academyoffootzonetherapy.com and it’s actually listed on my website and you can find a practitioner near you.

Susie: And that is also on my website which is radiantriverwellness.com/radio. All of the resources are there and Christi also has a special offer going on, so why don’t you tell people about that?

Christi: Yes. For the next month, after this show, I’m offering buy one get one free foot zone therapy. It’s pretty inexpensive to improve your health. I charge $55 for a treatment and I will come to you.

Susie: That’s right. You’re mobile.

Christi: Yes. I’m mobile.

Susie: How convenient is that? During your lunch hour. There are no excuses here people. Thank you Christi so much for joining us today. I have really enjoyed talking about feet.

Christi: Thank you Susie. I enjoyed it as well.

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