Books I Loved in 2017

I read so many books every year and am so thankful to the authors who share their stories, journeys and wisdom. These are my favorites of 2017.

Tererai Trent, The Awakened Woman: Remembering and Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams

Tererai Trent’s book is an empowering anthem to the sacred dream of women. She writes about her unlikely journey as a child-bride from a village in Zimbabwe – with a bleak future – to a doctoral degree in the US. This book will inspire and motivate! Join her Sacred Sisters mailing list to connect with a community of awakened women.


Deborah King, Heal Yourself, Heal the World

I am a big proponent of any book that helps make energy healing techniques accessible to the world. Deborah’s book helps me explain the work I do in a world that overvalues healing methods that can be proven scientifically. This book says exactly what I tell every client: YOU have the POWER to heal yourself! I also love this Kryon take on the innate, intelligent body’s ability to self heal.


Barbara Brennan, Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts

Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light and Light Emerging were required reading when I began my energy healing training (I recommend reading them first if you can). I hadn’t even realized she was writing another book when I heard someone mention Core Light Healing, which turns out to be all about releasing our creative energies. Thank you Barbara!


Stephanie Levenston, Joining Joanie: Staying Connected to Your Loved One Through Dementia and Beyond

I am so thankful for my friend and coach Stephanie Levenston, and when she released her first book I HAD to read it. This is a a beautiful memoir of a daughter dealing with her mother’s early onset dementia. What I liked best about this book is how Stephanie honors her mother at different stages of her illness. This was so powerful I couldn’t stop thinking about it. There are so many fantastic ideas about how to help a person with dementia retain their dignity when eating out, choosing clothing, grooming and hiring caregivers.


Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

My bookshelves are full of eastern wisdom, so this little book was a wonderful surprise. Turns out the Danish secrets to a good life are all about how you experience of life: atmosphere (light candles), presence (phones off), pleasure (yummy food), equality (we over me), gratitude, harmony (less competition), comfort (relax), truce (no drama), togetherness (relationships and community), and shelter (your tribe provides safety and security).


Melissa Alvarez, Believe and Receive: Use the 40 Laws of Nature to Attain Your Deepest Desires

It’s hard to keep up with Melissa’s books because she’s in such divine flow that she publishes them as fast as I can read them (I LOVED Animal Frequency)!! As with Melissa’s other books, Believe and Receive is filled with practical and useful ways to make the universe work for you. She’s chosen 40 laws of nature and writes about how they work and how to use them to tap into your universal power. My favorite: The Law of Love!!!!


Barbara Krauss, Fearless Choices: An Exposé on the Power of Saying Yes

There’s so much self-help out there focusing on saying no, that I was intrigued by a book that’s all about the power of yes. I’m so fortunate to have met Barbara this year – the energy she’s bringing forth with the stories in this book is very powerful. Fearless Choices is a collection of nearly 50 stories from women different countries who stood in the power of yes when their culture, community and families tried to tell them no. The stories are raw, moving and powerful.


Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another

This is one of those books you read and find yourself saying nodding and saying “yes, hell, yes!” out loud. The secret “real” reason I picked this book up was because the handwritten quotes are total eye candy. And, this book is hilarious! But the real substance is that Danielle exposes some real truths for people who are on a path of spiritual growth. It really gave me lots to think about!


Yasmin Boland, Moonology: Working with the Magic of the Lunar Cycles

2017 brought stronger lunar connections for me and I discovered Yasmin’s book on her luscious website for moon lovers. Being in tune with how the moon cycles affect your mind-body-spirit wellbeing is incredibly empowering – and this book is full of interesting information and moon rituals. January kicks off 2018 with three incredible lunar events: a supermoon on New Year’s Day, a Blue Moon AND a total lunar eclipse. Stay wild moon child!


Sunny Joy McMillan, Unhitched: Unlock Your Courage and Clarity and Unstick Your Bad Marriage

This book is a primer for anyone who’s felt the confusion, fear and stuckness of being in a less-than-happy marriage. Sunny tells the story of her own bad marriage with such soulful honesty that you can’t help but get drawn in – it’s so relatable [listen to my interview with Sunny on Radiantly You]! Unhitched outlines a process that Sunny uses with her clients (she’s a life coach) that will help bring clarity for making tough decisions, like staying in or leaving a marriage. Sunny also co-founded the wildly popular Sacred Supper Club – and the next one is in Spring 2018!


Kyle Davies, The Intelligent Body: Reversing Chronic Fatigue and Pain From the Inside Out

I am new to Kyle Davies’ work, but this book has me wanting more! From headaches to IBS, he talks about the connection between our emotions, behaviors, environment and beliefs and how they factor into disease. His approach to reversing this is not a walk in the park…for example, he emphasizes the need to let go of your identity (yeah, that thing you work so hard all through middle and high school to create!) and figure out who you really are. Definitely check out his podcast too!


Philippa Lubbock, The Healing Power of Life Alignment: Realigning Body, Heart and Mind With Your Soul’s Purpose

Philippa has carefully documented a system of healing created by gifted healer and channel, Jeff Levin, and she shows how it activates rapid healing and change. It’s called Life Alignment and focuses on the fact that healing yourself is your greatest contribution to healing the planet. If you feel like you can’t find the key to open the door to transformation this book will help ease your frustration and struggle. From muscle testing and energy movement to limiting beliefs, this book is very empowering!


Haemin Sunim, The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World

I saw someone on Goodreads comment that this is a hug in book format, and I’d have to agree. Any time I need a little pick-me-up or inspiration, I open this book and read a few pages of wisdom from South Korean Zen teacher Haemin Sunim. Interesting fact: parts of the book are pulled directly from Haemin’s very active Twitter feed (which is mostly in South Korean, but still fun to peruse).


Patty Lou Hawks, Under Their Wings: A Daring Adventure Mentoring Girls

This book isn’t really about healing or spirituality per se, but it was one of my 2017 faves and there’s a fair amount of trusting the Universe in this story. I’m lucky to know Patty – who’s just a fireball walking a spiritual high wire! Her book is a touching, at times bittersweet and at times funny, accounting of Patty’s journey through motherhood raising her daughters (talk about enlightenment and awakening, right?!). I didn’t raise any girls, but with one of our sons in Boy Scouts and some pretty hilarious parenting stories of my own, this book is worth sharing.


Gregg Braden, Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice

Ever since I first saw the video clip of Gregg in his infamous mullet haircut showing an instantaneous healing of a tumor in a medicineless hospital in China, I’ve been a huge fan of his work. Human by Design builds on Gregg’s previous work and takes an interesting walk through human history and posing some interesting questions and theories about where we came from and where we’re going. Some stuff is far-fetched, but still…a great read!


So 2017 was filled with some great reads – but what about 2018? Here are eight books on my reading wishlist list for 2018:

  1. Nick Polizzi, The Sacred Science: An Ancient Healing Path for the Modern World
  2. Anodea Judith, Charge and the Energy Body: The Vital Key to Healing Your Life, Your Chakras, and Your Relationships
  3. Kala Ambrose, The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember & Interpret Your Dreams 
  4. Cheryl Richardson, Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife
  5. davidji, Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation
  6. Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Lykke: Secrets of the World’s Happiest People
  7. Mike Dooley, Playing the Matrix: A Program for Living Deliberately and Creating Consciously
  8. Kyle Gray, Light Warrior: Connecting with the Spiritual Power of Fierce Love

Happy reading!!!!

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