Heather Gardner chatted with Susie Hindle Kher on Radiantly You! and shared powerful ways to take charge of your well-being using essential oils. Please enjoy this excerpted interview from the show and discover that essential oils are more than just a pretty smell! If you want to listen to or download the show podcast, just follow this link.

Heather Wyatt GardnerSusie: Our first guest today is Heather Gardner. Heather is a healer, an intuitive, and she’s been on her own transformational journey. She works with essential oils to heal and support people in their own healing journeys. Heather has overcome emotional trauma, physical abuse, obesity, and many behaviors that really limited her true potential. And she discovered along her way that essential oils have a powerful healing impact for her. And now, she’s sharing this by teaching others how to use essential oils to enable their own self-healing. Welcome, Heather.

Heather: Thank you. Thank you, Susie. I’m really happy to be here. I love the Radiantly You listeners, so I’m really excited to share with you everything that I know about essential oils.

Susie: And I’m excited to hear what you have to share. I think plants are such amazing gifts.

Heather: Absolutely.

Susie: And the essential oils, I’m truly grateful every day for them. Even looking at the plants, and when I use essential oils, just really thinking about where that plant was, what its healing energies are. They really are gateway to peace and healing.

Heather: That’s right. Plants are very pure. We need to make sure that they are absolutely taken care of and sourced in the highest quality if we’re talking about essential oils, but they are amazingly powerful tools that we can incorporate into our overall wellness plan to help our healing and support our body.

Susie: So, tell us a little bit about how your healing journey progressed to the point that you found essential oils to be such a great tool?

Heather: To be quite honest, my healing journey’s been kind of a little bit bumbly-stumbly, right? So sometimes we get on a healing path that’s working well for a while, then we realize, “I need to level-up. I need to come to the next level.” So quite a few years ago – you touched on this – I was 332 pounds. And I was depressed, I was overworked, overweight, obviously, and I realized at that time that I was truly missing out on my life. And I was just letting life pass me by, and I wasn’t really creating any type of authentic life at all for myself.

Susie: And I just want to say for our radio listeners who cannot actually see Heather, she is a truly vibrant, healthy-looking individual. So I completely respect the transformational work that you’ve done.

Heather: Oh, thank you so much. I’m really grateful for those comments and those compliments, and I just want the Radiantly You listeners to understand that what I’ve been able to accomplish, you’re able to accomplish in your own life and it’s not about getting to any one body size or fitting, you’re a round peg and try to fit yourself in a square hole like I was and what I call ‘shoulding all over yourself’. We don’t need to should, we need to honor our inner voice and our authentic, true self. So that’s how the journey began for me. I started creating a bigger vision for what I wanted my life to be. So that started with a thought, we know that when we think, and we speak, then we do, we take action on that. So it’s been since about 2008, about eight years now that I’ve been on this journey. And then, the next level up was finding out that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, so that’s an autoimmune condition that affects my throat. So we are going to talk about our throat chakra a little bit later.

Susie: Great. I think this is a condition that a lot of people experience trouble with.

Heather: Right Susie. Often in mainstream medicine, we’re diagnosed just hypothyroid or your low-functioning thyroid and truthfully, we’re given a pill that maybe will work, maybe won’t. I’m not a big fan of pharmaceutical medicine, like probably a lot of our listeners out there, they’re looking for something more natural. I’m glad we have both, and I tend to focus on what’s more natural and let’s go for that first. So when I went to see my doctor and they just wanted to raise my thyroid medication, I then took back the power for my own health and started getting online. We have access to so much online now, and I started really dialing in on, “What are the root causes and concerns here? How can I empower myself?” And that’s really what I then did. I worked with a natural path and that was the beginning of incorporating a lot more natural tools. I was told I had to strip out all of those hormone and endocrine disrupting toxins that are in all of those products that are available for your beauty as far as your makeup, your personal care products and cleaning products that we use every day and I just was told I had to strip them all out. You can imagine I almost had a mental breakdown because I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Susie: Well, this is very ironic because what you were focusing on was your outward beauty and your outward self, right? But your true self was telling you, “This isn’t enough. You need to go inward.” So how did essential oils come into this?

Heather: So I love scent. Scent is wow, it’s powerful aroma. If we just think about it, it’s one of the only things that can actually go in through our olfactory system when we inhale and affect our limbic system in the brain, our emotional center, our emotional core. So if you’ve been out in nature and you enjoy smelling the fresh herbs, the rosemary when you crush it or the rose, the roses that really smell good, then you’ve experienced that natural aroma. And so, I was really looking for the products that still smelled good because I still wanted to look nice and smell good on my dates with my husband, but I didn’t want to just walk around slathering coconut oil on my body and taking my baking soda, Epsom salt bath. I wanted to smell feminine and beautiful, so that’s really where it started for me. I wanted to strip out all of the toxins in my environment and in my personal products, so that’s what led me to learning about essential oils and I want to really address something.

So I went to my local supplement store. I thought I was getting a high quality essential oil and I started making my own products, making my own body butters and sugar scrubs and room sprays. I threw out all the stuff and I thought this was great, Susie, until I decided to give my husband a bath with one of those essential oils and gave him a rash.

So the bottle did say 100% pure, but what I’ve come to find out now is that upwards of about 80% of essential oils out there on the market are adulterated with petroleum-based adulterants or there can be other things in the label that it’s contaminated with, synthetic smell a-likes that are not good. So I was ready to give up on essential oils after that. I thought, “Oomph, this isn’t great.” And then my best friend of 30 years, you’ve grown up with this girl, she’s a registered nurse, you’ve come to trust her and she invited me to try a bottle of doTERRA essential oil, and the rest is history for me. I was at a Christmas party and I thought, “Well, great. Essential oils are great for making all my nice smelly, good fufu products that I want, right? They’re clean products, they’re great for making that.” But then she said, “Well, no, you can use this for your digestion.” And that blew my mind. I said, “How do I do this?” And she said, “You just rub a little bit on your tummy.” And I had eaten all the things. I was still not eating as clean as I should, Susie, to be honest.
I rubbed that on, and instantly that bloating, that heavy feeling, that nausea just dissipated there using this blend with ginger and fennel, and peppermint and a few other things. And that really honestly, I was able to jump back in the Christmas party with my friends and I felt great. And just a few minutes later, I realized, “Hey, that headache that I had was gone, too.” I didn’t put anything on my head. How do these essential oils work? This level of essential oil, and so that’s what really got me intrigued, got me curious and started me going back and researching.

Susie: So today, you’re going to share with us some of your favorite essential oils for calming nerves, managing anxiety, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Heather: Absolutely.

Susie: And you also have a special offer for our listeners.

Heather: I do. I have a couple things. If you go on the Radiantly You! website, there are a couple downloads, a couple flyers that you can get some of the recipes that you could have for yourself and print those off. And then, there’s also an offer just for our guests, Susie, that if you go ahead and email me at [email protected], you can go ahead and get a list of 101 uses for lavender, lemon, and peppermint. And those are the top three essential oils that every home should have. And then, an extra special offer for those of you that want to go a little bit deeper, go ahead and email me. You’ll find this on the Radiantly You! website as well. Email me and I will be offering 15-minute phone consultations, where we’ll dive a little bit more personally into what you’re wanting to try essential oils for you as far as physical, and emotional, and mental well-being. And some actual premium samples that go along with those who take me up on the consultation so that they could try them.

Susie: That’s a great way to introduce yourself into essential oils and the healing power of essential oils.

Heather: Absolutely, try them yourself.

Susie: So if you want to download those handouts that Heather was talking about, just go to radiantriverwellness.com/radio and click on the episode two that Heather is in and you’ll be able to see the downloads and download them directly from there.

Heather, why don’t you talk about immunity, I think one of the things that people are dealing with right now is kids are going back to school and the weather is changing is getting sick.

Heather: Awesome. Definitely one thing that I’m incorporating in my own home as a mom is using a diffuser and diffusing a great immunity blend. You want things in there like wild orange, cinnamon, maybe some rosemary, some lemon. That’s a great combination right now that you can be diffusing in your home. You can go and grab those things that are walking through your front door when they’re brought home from the kids at school or even applying these essential oils topically to the bottom of their feet. Now, when I say that, we talked about a little bit, we want to talk about some safety tips. So you would just take a couple drops of that essential oil to a carrier oil. And a carrier oil can be something like a vegetable oil that you have, olive oil is a good choice if you don’t have coconut oil or almond or Jojoba or your carrier oil of choice.

But going ahead and using a couple drops of those on the bottom of the feet at night and then again in the morning before they put their shoes on and head out the door. That’s a great protective blend, so your immunity system is going to be boosted all day long. You want to add and incorporate something like melaleuca, another great cleaning and purifying essential oil. Melaleuca is wonderful. You can make a simple cleaning spray for your surfaces in your home with that and maybe take an eight-ounce bottle, add one ounce of low quality vodka or something like that and then add about 20 drops of melaleuca. You want it to smell really nice. Add in some lemon or another citrus like wild oranges, one of my favorites and then top it off with water and you can use that as a simple purifying surface cleaner throughout your home.

Susie: And the vodka acts as a preservant?

Heather: Slightly, but since oils and water don’t mix, it acts as something to help the oils break down a little bit and mix in. I always recommend shaking while you’re using it, just to keep them dispersed pretty well.

Susie: But if you’re using it in a diffuser, you would just add the straight oils to the diffuser.

Heather: Absolutely, you always just add your straight essential oil to the diffuser. And I use a water diffuser, so I just add the water to the diffuser first and then I add my essential oils.

Susie: And if you’re making a blend like, this one sounds so good, wild orange, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon, do you just add equal drops, equal amounts of each of them in there?

Heather: Yes. So in the diffuser, you can start with just one drop of each of those and see how that affects you. Every diffuser is different, so the square footage it’s going to affect, it’s going to be different. But honestly, those essential oils, they are volatile aromatic compounds and they’re going to be dispersing throughout the environment. And just in taking through our body and the body is going to just use them however it needs. So you can always up that another drop each if you need to. But I always say, less is more with essential oils. That’s how the body uses them.

Susie: But this is really great to know. So you don’t have to buy the more expensive blends. You can actually just buy a few of the staples so to speak, and then you can create your own blends based on what you want to do.

Heather: Absolutely. And your comfort level, Susie honestly, a lot of people aren’t comfortable yet when they begin. And I want people to be encouraged to simply begin. And one of the best ways or easiest ways to reach everybody in our family for health and wellness is by incorporating a diffuser, and then simply diffusing them. And if you want to go into topical use, I’m always open. You can always email me or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. I’m Original Organic Owl, and I take time every day to help people specifically dialing on things that they need, and get those tips to them.

Susie: How about sleep? Sleep is just a huge topic. So many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Are there any oils that can help ease this until restful night?

Heather: Oh, come on. Sleep is not important, Susie. Okay. I lied. Sleep is very important, and I struggled with it myself for a really long time. I was an overworked mom. Like I said, a single mom. I had adrenal fatigue, adrenal burnout. So I thought, “Oh, I’m already ready to go to sleep at night.” And then my mind was wide awake…Thinking about the laundry list of things that we have to do in the next day or so. So definitely, sleep essential oils, calming essential oils. We want talk about things like cedar wood, lavender. A lot of people have heard of pure lavender, and its ability to calm anxious feelings. Things like wild orange, ylang ylang. Let’s see…vetiver. Vetiver helps quiet the mind. So if you have those racing thoughts at night, definitely think about incorporating vetiver into that.

Susie: And you would put it on your feet?

Heather: Again, you can diffuse if that’s your preference, and you really gravitate to that. My husband loves the diffuser going on his side of the bed at night with a respiratory supportive essential oil blend. And also sometimes, I add things like ylang-ylang, and cedarwood, and lavender to that, or you can apply topically. Talking about reflexology, the big toe is linked to the brain, to the head. So applying essential oils to the big toe and the bottom of the feet, you’re going to go ahead, and the skin is going to intake that. And then the essential oils are going to travel throughout your body where it needs to go through the cells. And so, the body takes what it needs, and it leaves what it doesn’t. And that’s what’s amazing. You don’t have to build up. You get immediate results. And it’s nice to know that if you’re not a lavender person, you can incorporate something else like petitgrain or incorporate the cedarwood, and geranium, and some of those other really calming and relaxing essential oils for sleep.

Susie: And since we’re talking about reflexology, and getting into the energies of the body, how about if we talk about the chakras?

Heather: Bring it on.

Susie: Okay. So how about the root chakra? Here, we’re talking security. What are some oils that really will help in grounding and stabilizing?

Heather: One of my favorites especially when we’re talking about back-to-school, crazy fall schedules, this was something that I also struggled with. So we want that balance. We want that feeling of like, our roots are going down deep in the earth, and the storms of life are coming. And we can just sway like the branches and the trees right? Easy, breezy, but we’re calm, and we are in control. So root chakra, we want to talk about basil, cedarwood. Again, all of your tree oils. Firs, white fir, Douglas fir, patchouli.

Susie: Oh, yes.

Heather: Myrrh. You just feel more calm and stable just thinking about that, right? At least I know I do. And that’s what we all want. We all want feel like we can… Like we’re secure. We’re protected and we can do this.

Susie: Excellent. How about moving on up, to the sacral chakra. Here, we’ve got the seat of our sexuality, our creative energies. What are some good essential oils here?

Heather: Well, I want to embrace my authentic creative self, Susie, so I’m going to look at things like black pepper. I’m going to spice things up a bit.

Susie: Really? Okay, I like that.

Heather: Yes, I’m going spice things up a little bit, right? We’re talking about sacral. We’re talking about cinnamon, Cyprus, the oil of movement and flow. Tangerine, orange, those are really refreshing, really energizing, and uplifting essential oils. And things that also support women especially, things like maybe you wouldn’t think of this. But geranium, clary sage.

Susie: I love geranium.

Heather: Lavender. Yes, geranium is wonderful, wonderful especially for us women.

Susie: Alright moving up to our power house, this solar plexus where we’ve got our self-esteem and our confidence. What are some great essential oils up here?

Heather: Yes. So self-worth and self-esteem, those are definitely things that I focus on as part of my healing journey. And we’re talking about the essential oils, I’ve got on today, like bergamot. It smells amazing. If you have ever had earl gray tea, that’s the citrus that makes the earl gray tea just so fabulous.

Susie: So aromatic.

Heather: Things like cassia, which is from the cinnamon family, but it’s just from a separate part of the plant. Clove again, something spicy. We’re still down in the lower area. Coriander is so nice. It’s so calming. Fennel, ginger, those oils that are great for digestion now that we’re getting to the middle part of our body. Grape fruit, that’s definitely for healthy body image. And juniper berry and wintergreen. There are so many to choose from.

Susie: So how about our heart chakra, joy, love. What’s supportive here?

Heather: I’m giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally, talking about the heart. We all want that love, right? Love is the biggest healer, right? So when we talk about that, we want to talk about things that are like eucalyptus. It’s refreshing, it’s purifying. We’ve spoken about it before but geranium… Geranium is amazing for the heart. Lime, sometimes, we call that the zest for life. We want that zest for life to come from our heart. We don’t want it to come from our head.

Susie: And I love that it’s green, too, like the heart chakra.

Heather: Right, exactly. And along those, some cleansing which is melaleuca and marjoram. Peppermint is known as the oil of the buoyant heart. So if we want to feel lighthearted, so to speak, we incorporate some peppermint. I’ve talked about ylang-ylang before but let’s talk about rose, right? The oil of divine love, divine grace. When we talk about the heart chakra, we need to always honor that.

Susie: Beautiful. How about the throat chakra, here is self-expression plus all of the things that can go on with the thyroid and things like that?

Heather: Definitely, my throat chakra, that’s big part of my journey, and if I could just break in with a little story here. I was getting ready to travel last week and I was having issues where I thought I had a thyroid flare-up. Honestly, my throat was swollen. I was having trouble swallowing. I felt all blocked up. I took a moment to just pray and get really clear. And then, I started incorporating some essential oils that are great for opening up that energy of the throat chakra. And I started using lavender. Lavender encourages us to speak our truth. So what I realized is that I was holding back and I wasn’t saying things that sounded authentically like Heather. I was trying to force myself again into that square hole when I’m the round peg, right? So I needed to just dial in and honor that and lavender definitely helped open that up for me. So that’s definitely one oil we can use.

Susie: Moving on up to the brow chakra, the center of our intuition?

Heather: I love being able to help people, right? I speak from the heart. I speak truth, and life, and hope and inspiration and encouragement into people and so, I really have to be able to dial in to my intuition and then, be decisive about it too. So I want look at using things like clary sage, putting it right above the brow for that. I want talk about lemon grass. Lemon grass is uplifting. It’s also purifying and you can get clearer, right, very clear thoughts to be able to make your decisions. Things like releasing, if we’re feeling… Sometimes, if we have a blocked third eye chakra, we can have headaches, things like migraine, tension headaches. So you’re going to want to be using oils that support that, like wintergreen. It’s very soothing. Peppermint and lavender together, very soothing for that. Just help release all of that and clear that out and then, get back to getting all of the energy lined up again.

Susie: Those are fabulous resources. Now, how about our connection to spirituality, to our higher self, up in the crown chakra?

Heather: Is this everyone’s favorite chakra or is it just mine?

Susie: I love it.

Heather: So, love, love, love crown chakra. Love the oils that go along with this. I use frankincense every day. The particular essential oil I use incorporates three of the species of frankincense, so carterii, frereana and sacra and the aroma of it is just beautiful. It’s grounding. It’s calming. So even if you are not speaking chakra language, you can still incorporate this essential oil in but then, we want to talk about Melissa or sometimes called lemon balm. That’s a beautiful oil to incorporate. Sandalwood, I love sandalwood. It’s rich, it’s heavy, and it just encourages me to go ahead and release to my Divine, to my God and also, get in line with my authentic and higher purpose of why I was created and why I’m here.

Susie: So we’ve covered a lot of different oils that you can use to balance your body’s energy systems as well as addressing specific conditions and emotional states. And if people connect with you, you can share all of this with them, right?

Heather: Oh, this is…And honestly, this was really just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. There is so much more and I really just like to dig in with people and connect with them on a very personal level, so that they can understand that this is accessible to them. That when you are working with pure essential oils that are created with the highest intention, you have actually an ability to have a therapeutic effect on the body. The body knows plants. Everybody’s familiar about incorporating those foundational wellness principles. We want to eat clean, incorporate organic, grass fed, all of that, whatever, just to get clean. We want clean in every area. Essential oils are no different.

Susie: Sure. And I would encourage people also to not rule out calling in the energies of plants when you’re, say, meditating or praying or doing some connecting or inner healing, that you can call in the healing energies of these plants in addition to using them as an essential oil.

Heather: I love that.

Susie: Yeah. I do that, actually, in my healing work. I will call in, for example, arnica or something like that and just…

Heather: And I love arnica.

Susie: So I found a really great quote from Carl Sagan.  “Please always honor and think all essential oil devas deeply for the guidance you’re about to receive. Said intentions and expectations, let the oils know what you need and they will answer. Finally, anoint oil to the areas that feel right to you. When I use a meditation blend, I like to focus applying the oil to my crown and brow chakra, make sure to breath in the oils deeply, holding the aroma in your lungs for a few seconds to fully activate their magic. Please enjoy and know somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” I get goosebumps.

Heather: Yey. I love that. That’s awesome. That’s very inspiring.

Susie: So please share your offer again for our listeners.

Heather: Oh sure. I’m really excited for the Radiantly You listeners to go ahead and contact me at [email protected]. And listeners that go ahead and email me will get a downloadable PDF document of 101 uses of lavender, lemon and peppermint. And for those of you that want to dive in a little bit further with me, I’m offering a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, and then after the personalized phone consultation where we talk about things that essential oils can help for your either physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, and honestly guys, they’re usually all tied in. We know that now. I will go ahead and then send you some of your own essential oils to try yourself.

Susie: Thank you, Heather for joining us today.

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