Change at the Speed of Thought

I heard this expression, ‘change at the speed of thought,’ in a hypnosis training some time ago and now I say it all the time. It’s catchy! But I got to wondering, just how fast is that? Turns out researchers have measured the speed of thought (the whole process from perceiving something, to analyzing it, and deciding on an action).

Thoughts signals are a form of energy that travel at different speeds depending on what neural ‘highway’ they’re on. The fastest signals are carried by large neurons linking the spinal cord to the muscles, traveling at speeds up to 270 mph (120 m/s).

When your reactive thoughts happen over and over they can become reflexes, taking neurons and the distance the signal travels out of the equation to speed up a thought. Any thought you practice gets faster over time.

So buckle up and get ready to speed up your thinking about how fast change can and should happen. When you set an intention – which you can think of as a laser-focused power thought – you are creating an energy. Stanford researchers found that the thought energies are both electrostatic and magnetic. When healers focused their intentions, researchers observed a significant increase in the voltage measured on an EEG.

The next time you come across one of those quotes about how your thoughts create your reality… don’t just scroll on by. Take a moment to be in awe of the speed at which you are doing that powerful and potentially transformative thought-work.

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