September 15-21, 2019  ♡  Budapest, Hungary

If you're a woman who's ready to wake up her LIONESS, embody her GODDESS, reclaim her mystic PRIESTESS, and empower her wise QUEEN, then please join me for this retreat adventure in magical Budapest, Hungary.

Your results will be HUGE - through sacred ritual, intuitive coaching, and immersion in Hungary's healing energy, you'll energize your heart & body, align with your sacred self, and return home ready to bring more greatness into this world.


Enchanted Budapest

The sun is setting after an afternoon of soaking away your worries in a beautiful thermal healing bath. You're strolling along the Danube River watching the boats as sounds of gypsy bands waft across the water. With a sigh of contentment you take in the old-world charm and think: this is why they call Budapest the Pearl of the Danube.

You relax into the knowing that you'll be falling asleep and waking up in a lovingly restored 19th century villa nestled in the Buda Hills. As your thoughts turn to tomorrow, you feel a spark of excitement, knowing that your day will be filled with experiences that will recharge, inspire and empower your wild heart.

Raves about the Brodyland Writer's Villa

"A fairytale villa in Hungary" - Elle Decor Magazine
"10 of the best boutique villas in the world" - Harper's Bazaar
"Celebs love decamping here for the secluded atmosphere." - Architectural Digest


Budapest is the perfect place to spend 7 adventurous days (and 6 nights)...

...rewilding your heart and finding your sacred roar while releasing resistance to a life of intuitively guided success, adventure and fun.

...pressing pause on your life and immersing yourself in adventures, healing baths, inspirational conversations and personal transformation.

By the time you pack up and head home, you will have aligned with your sacred self and unlocked the ignition key for transforming of your life, community and world.

My promise to you is to help you unlock a new level of wisdom for allowing joy, success, wellness and abundance to flow effortlessly in your life so you can free up your energy to create from a place of higher truth.

This is your invitation to part with old ways, get fired up, and heal obstacles to empowerment, feeling better, finishing projects and spiritual re-emergence. Maybe You've Been Feeling...

  1. 💙

    Like you've lost your spunk...

    No problem! With a few empowering techniques, we’ll rev up your fearless heart, unhitch from negativity and bring you out of hiding so you can once again focus on what's most important - living your life to the fullest.

  2. 💙

    A longing to transform challenges into fantastic opportunities...

    You got this! Together, we'll tame your obstacles so you can return to your center of power and live a wildly successful life.

  3. 💙

    Unsure how to release the hurts that have nibbled away at your heart...

    This retreat is your passport to a life-changing journey out of the trance of fear and pain and toward the flow of fun. 

  1. 💙

    Like your body has become a storage facility for emotions and stress...

    Cue the miraculous feeling of lightness and wellness you'll have when you untangle your body from held pain through daily coaching and by immersing in healing mineral baths.

  2. 💙

    Unable to access your intuitive gifts because of self-doubt...

    I know you’ve already felt the call to explore gifts awakening within you. You'll return home with new clarity about your intuitive abilities and how to use them.

  3. 💙

    Sabotaged by your inner critic...

    Get your Wonder Woman lasso ready because we’re going to harness the dazzling truth of your beautiful essence. You’ll soon be rocking a newfound sense of love, strength and confidence.


Why you need to join us!

The Brodyland Writer's Villa is the PERFECT sanctuary to get away from your everyday life in a setting where you can be your true self as you unplug, explore and allow your body, mind and spirit to be recharged and uplifted in the company of vibrant women.

I've got your back! During this retreat you'll be supported to journey to places of oneness, intuition, love and strength inside yourself that you'd never see amidst the distractions of work and home.

The Fired Up Awakening Retreat will give you EXACTLY what you need to rejuvenate your life-force and return to your true, productive and joyful nature! Through daily practices like yoga nidra, coaching and soulful movement, you’ll refresh your spiritual energy and develop resilience. You’ll return home with a new sense of vitality and inner strength that will serve you in a big way (and that you can then pay forward!).

PLUS, we’ll explore the enchanted city of Budapest, enjoy hearty food and delicous wines, connect to a powerful Earth heart chakra, spend time with a Hungarian Shaman, and immerse ourselves in the mineral-rich healing waters of the city's many thermal baths!

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The Venue...

Hungary - full of old-world charm and bordered by Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia and Romania - is a cultural bridge between east and west.

We’ll spend six relaxing nights in the quiet hills of Budapest enjoying the local culture, food, shopping, and sights. Our villa, the Brodyland Writer's Villa, is packed with historical details, like stained-glass windows,   Transylvanian marble and parquet floors.

Harper's Bazaar, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor have featured this gem of a villa in their magazines.

The vibe is undeniably Bohemian.


Take in the Old World Charm

Walking up the creaky staircases, you're transported to the golden age of the Austro-Hungarian empire when the Writer’s Villa was built. Inspiration and relaxation are around every turn of this mansion, from generously sprinkled lounging areas to the picture-perfect pool and Zsolnay-tiled fountain.

As light pours through Miksa Róth stained glass windows and onto rosewood-paneled walls in the Winter Garden, the feeling is simply MAGICAL... it's easy to see why this villa has taken a starring role in international film production and made its way onto the bucket list of well-heeled travelers around the world.

<– Watch the video to learn a little more about the Writer's Villa.

A Villa That's Also a Muse!

There's an unspoken creative energy in this charming villa and many well-known authors have stayed here to shake off their writer's block. We'll take advantage of this vibe and dive into some writing - whether you're a published author, aspiring author or simply ready to explore journaling for growth and healing!


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Hearty, Deeply Flavored Cuisine

Warmly spiced Hungarian food is like a big hug that will heal your heart and bring you back to center. Dishes are slow-cooked with a heaping dose of love and rich flavors. 

From goulash cooked over an open fire upon your arrival to paprika-spiced cauliflower soup, Hungarian-style stuffed cabbage and plum cake, the food here tells the story of Hungary's fascinating relationship with its neighbors and occupation by the Huns, Turks, Austrians and Soviets (to name a few). 

We'll explore Hungary's diverse foods from dinner aboard a Danube River cruise, to eating while serenaded by a gypsy band and dancers, and dinner in the city's famous Jewish District, where Jewish-Hungarian fusion dishes tell the story of Budapest's rich Jewish history.

Got special dietary concerns? No worries, we'll take care of you!



City of Baths

No trip to Budapest would be complete without visiting the city's historic and healing thermal baths. You won't find this experience anywhere else because Budapest has more thermal hot springs than any other city in the world.

You'll melt into the warm, mineral-rich waters of traditional Turkish baths dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries, as they do their magic, relaxing and soothing your mind, body and spirit. 

DID YOU KNOW? Locals call their weekly thermal bath ritual "taking the waters." 


Fairytale Night Cruise on the Danube

Budapest is gorgeous by day, but you'll feel like you've stepped into a fairy tale as we cruise down the Danube at night. We'll unwind and relax over dinner while watching the UNESCO World Heritage-listed waterfront light up.


Shopping for Folk Art of the Beaten Path

I'll be sharing the best places to find authentic Hungarian folk art - those places the tourists don't know about. You'll explore shops and find beautiful gifts that will create memories of  your time in Budapest.


Indulge in a Turkish Hammam Ritual

A traditional Turkish Hammam bodywashing ritual will complement all the releasing and letting go work you're doing. It's so transformative you'll forget you were even holding onto stuff in the first place.


Trek to the Heart Chakra of Hungary with a Táltos Wisdom Keeper

If all this hasn't been tempting enough – I’ve planned a transformational trip to the heart chakra of Hungary in Dobogókő led by an amazing Hungarian Táltos (shaman)  wisdom keeper, Zoltán Sólyomfi-Nagy. 

We'll hike up to a glade where Hungary's original kings were crowned in a sacred nature ceremony. The Earth's crust is extremely thin here, and we'll literally feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth, allowing her nourishing energy to release stuck energetic patterns and reveal your true self.

The frequencies that rise from deep within the Earth in this unassuming place connect to powerful energy lines that crisscross the planet and energize other heart chakras around the world.  

On our return, we'll explore an old village and its small shops, where you'll experience the true warmth and resilience of the Hungarian people. 


Listen to Zoltán's music at a spiritual gathering in Dobogókő

  • Image

    “I consider Hungary as a second homeland of mine. People of the country are kind and have good heart, and as it is well known, Dobogókő (Beating Stone) is a holy place, where the heart of the Earth is beating. When I teach the method of Enlightenment here in Hungary – I often come to visit you – it feels like teaching the whole world.”

    Tanpai Rinpoche
  • Image

    “The approach and behavior of Tibet, similarly to other saint knowledge, sees and experiences the eternity as unity. According to this, the so called power and energy centers are being counted not only in a human body but on Earth as well. According to tradition, the Earth heart chakra is in Hungary, more exactly in the area called Pilis.”

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Judy Hall Visits Dobogókő

(Fast forward to 28 seconds to skip to the part where Judy starts talking.)
We might even find Hungarian quartz to take home on our trip to the Heart Chakra of Hungary! In this video, crystal expert Judy Hall is in Dobogókő where she found Hungarian quartz that she has now added to her book of crystals from sacred sites. She also found a golden healer quartz - my favorite! We'll be keeping an eye out for treasures to take home on our trip!

My Heart Wants This, Give Me More Details!



So what can YOU expect if you spend 6 enchanted days (and 7 nights) freeing the intuitive, powerful woman you are while enjoying yourself on an adventure in Budapest?

What if... returned home so inspired by a new perspective of yourself, others and life
that you can't help but show up in a big way that causes people and circumstances to respond favorably?

How would it feel... breathe joy, strength and confidence into your life, allowing you to grow in new and exciting ways and without fear of your daily journey into the unknown.

What would it mean to you... learn how to live with your wild heart fully ignited and engaged, allowing a natural shift from fear-based thinking to living in alignment with your beautiful free spirit.

What would your life be like if... gave up your inner critic and allowed your beauty and strength shine, fed by an inner wellspring of infinite unconditional love and nurturing.  


Together We Can Focus On...

...YOUR HIGHEST GOOD! Your personal and spiritual growth are so needed at this time on our planet. I’m here for YOU and I honor your transformational journey!

♡ Banishing limiting thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from being wildly successful. 

♡ Shifting your inner sight to see your world in a way that moves you out of resistance and into empowerment.

♡ Deepening your connection to self and fully allowing the vitality and wellbeing you deserve.

♡ Transforming the wisdom of your journey into a life of joyous possibility.

♡ Understanding and unhitching your wagon from the negativity of a fear-based world.

♡ Breaking through the fog of self-doubt and releasing the things that are masking your true nature and gifts.

♡ Discovering what ignites your heart and taking purposeful action in alignment with your intention for this life.

♡ Connecting with your inner power and unleashing your sacred roar.



What can you expect if you spend a week firing up your wise, wild, womanly power AND having fun in Hungary's cultural capital?

• How about getting ALL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to own your powerful mystical truth in a way that helps you engage with life from a place of aligned co-creation with your sacred self...


• What if you had ACCESS TO GUIDANCE that will boost your resilience, allowing you to shine your natural healing presence for others in uncertain, chaotic times...


• And what would it mean to you if you mined STRATEGIES FOR ALIGNING with your own rhythm, voice and truth to create sustainable action on issues, projects and dreams that are important to you?.


PLUS: you’ll get to tap into the group energy and my guidance even BEFORE you step foot on the plane!

That's right, to make sure you get the most out of this retreat, I'll get together with you on a group coaching call before the event to energetically create a POWERFUL AGREEMENT AND BLESSING among participants to bring us into alignment as we prepare to walk this journey of healing and empowerment together - and that's priceless.

Please keep in mind: This is a retreat, not a workshop or seminar. That means I won't really be lecturing in front of a room to you. Lessons will be EXPERIENTIAL, immersive, and steeped in ritual, ceremony and sisterhood.

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About Budapest, Hungary

There's so much more to Hungary and Budapest than the grand architecture, beautiful folk art and thermal spas.

Landlocked in Central Europe, Hungary marches to the beat of its own drummer and it's one of the things I love most about this country and its complex history. The Danube River runs through the country and divides its capital, Budapest, which is actually two cities: Buda and Pest. If you can get a local to talking, you'll hear incredible tales of how the frozen Danube allowed the Turks to invade Pest from the Buda side. 

Hungarians are proud of their eastern ancestry and unique language, which is a bit of a mystery to linguists. It's one of the hardest languages to learn and has no common European roots. This unique language is considered a national symbol. English and German are spoken widely throughout Budapest.

Despite countless occupations and decades of communist rule, Hungarians have never been truly defeated. From 'goulash communism' to 'goulash capitalism,' Hungarians are sure to do things their way and with a huge amount of national pride.

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What's Included

• Morning meditation and/or yoga sessions + evening circles.


• Morning transformation sessions plus inspiring conversation all week!


• One pre-retreat group call.


• Boutique villa accommodations single or double occupancy six nights, with shared bathrooms.


• Unlimited splashes in the Villa pool and soaks in Villa jacuzzi.


• Breakfasts and lunches at the Writer's Villa.


• Welcome goulash dinner at the Writer's Villa + a farewell dinner together on the town with gypsy music and dancers.


• Danube River evening cruise and dinner.


• Two visits to healing thermal baths in Budapest.


• Transportation and shaman guide for day-trip to Dobogókő.


• Traditional Turkish Hammam Bodywash Ritual (or equivalent activity).


• Entrance fees to any sites we visit together in Budapest.


• Transport to the hotel on September 15 and back to the airport on September 21 (at designated times only!)

What's Not Included

• Your roundtrip airfare from home to Budapest (I do have resources to help you get the best price)


• Breakfast or lunch on the arrival day (Sept. 15)


• Dinner on the departure day (Sept. 21)


• Alcoholic beverages you purchase at the Villa or at restaurants


• Activities during your free time


• Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, and tips for spa services or additionally purchased services


• Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended!). At a minimum, PLEASE PURCHASE TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE.


You must arrive into the Budapest Airport (BUD) by September 15th and depart September 21th, 2019, after breakfast (unless you are adding days for personal travel before or after the retreat). We’ll have airport pick-ups on Sept. 15 at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.  If you are not arriving in time to be on those transports we can help you arrange your own taxi to the villa (at your cost).

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – call Ales Struna (pronounced Alesh) our travel planner extraordinaire. He can help you design something fabulous as well as make sure that you actually end up in Budapest at the right time and in the right place!
Feel free to give him a call at +1.866.866.5566. He can also help you with travel insurance and booking the best-priced flights!

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About Susie Kher

Susie loves teaching women how to tap into a deep and joyful remembering of who they really are - the sensual goddess, mystic priestess, powerful lioness and wise queen. She's done - and continues to do - the work of returning to her authentic self, releasing resistance, shedding perceived limitations and separateness, and exploring shadows. Susie wants to help you experience epic freedom and divine love that will propel your work, relationships, life and wellness to levels of joy and abundance you never knew were possible. 

Susie is a Reiki Master, certified clinical hypnotist, trained in Healing Touch, and an intuitive coach. Her work is heart-centered and always in your highest good. 


<< Watch this and feel like you're already in Budapest...

Even the Rooms are Filled with Character

Nestled in the quiet hills of Buda, the Writer's Villa has 6 rooms. There are 4 single occupancy rooms and 2 double occupancy rooms (you can choose single or double on the registration page). As is typical in European villas, all rooms share a bathroom. Every room in unique and cozy and named after a writer to has stayed at the villa.

This is the villa where Jennifer Lawrence and Rowan Atkinson (among others) have come for respite when filming movies in Budapest. It is charming and I chose it specifically because it has so much more character than a hotel. Take a little tour of the rooms below!

  • Scholten


    Scholten Room

    DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, beds are separate
    First Floor (up one flight of stairs)

    Both the Scholten and Wieringa bedrooms are situated on floor, each connecting to its own large bathroom made of Italian marble with cast iron bath.

    Named for Dutch author Jaap Scholten, owner of the villa.

  • Wieringa


    Wieringa Room

    DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, beds are separate
    First floor (up one flight of stairs)

    Both the Scholten and Wieringa bedrooms are situated on floor, each connecting to its own large bathroom made of Italian marble with cast iron bath.

    Named after Dutch author Tommy Wieringa

  • Barr


    Barr Room

    Loft room (up two flights of stairs)

    Guests staying on this level share a large full bathroom, separate water closet and shower closet, a living room with oversized sofa and two small balconies that command breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

    Named after British writer, columnist, and playwright Damian Barr

  • Hobbs


    Hobbs Room

    Loft room (up two flights of stairs)

    Guests staying on this level share a large full bathroom, separate water closet and shower closet, a living room with oversized sofa and two small balconies that command breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

    Named after Angie Hobbs, a British philosopher and academic.

  • Matthews


    Matthews Room

    Loft room (up two flights of stairs)

    Guests staying on this level share a large full bathroom, separate water closet and shower closet, a living room with oversized sofa and two small balconies that command breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

    Named after Owen Matthews, former Moscow and Istanbul Bureau Chief for Newsweek. Matthews is a writer, historian and journalist whose books have been translated in 28 languages. 

  • Dunlop


    Dunlop Room

    Ground Floor (down a flight of stairs)
    Shares one full bathroom and half bath

    Named after British television presenter, radio broadcaster and historian Tessa Dunlop, who has presented history programs for the BBC, Discovery Channel Europe and the History Channel.

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