Radiantly You! Session 67
{A Conversation About Self Love with Akal Pritam}

Air Date: 11/28/2018 – 8am Pacific Time
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Show Summary:

Today’s guest is a dharma artist who has created a beautiful book that guides anyone who picks it up on a journey of self-love and compassion. Akal Pritam wrote and illustrated “Self Love: Finding Peace and Happiness,” a feast of visual, poetic and practical reflections and guidance to awaken inner love, healing and forgiveness in women. We’ll talk about her inspiration, dharma art and authentic self love.


Show Notes:

This episode of Radiantly You is all about self love. It’s emblazoned across so many blogs and workshops these days, you’d think we’d have this whole business of being kind to ourselves figured out. In some ways we have, but lots of us still have an inner critic or even an inner mean girl that makes it hard to find authentic self love. If you ride the self-love rollercoaster, today’s episode is for you!

I’m so honored that Akal Pritam, an incredibly talented artist and wise woman, will be sharing her own truth and experiences around self love with us. She has just released a gorgeous book titled “Self Love: Finding Peace and Happiness.” I was smitten by her blending of metaphysics, dharma and art. Akal wrote and illustrated this multi-layered book to help women understand and explore the many layers of the divine feminine on emotional and energetic levels – through chakras, the body’s aura and metaphysics. Alongside lush dharma art and poetic musings, Akal’s book describes ways to harness the energies of the moon, elements, seasons, crystals, mantras, love-making and more to create space for self love.

What I love about Akal’s work is that it creates a softening that allows her messages and teachings to permeate even the toughest cookie! When you read her hand-written notes like, “you are handcrafted from cosmic dust, infinite nobility,” you’ll be ready to put on your cosmic crown and revel in the majesty of your sacred feminine.

And as Akal says, the world right now needs more self love. Amen, sister!


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About Akal Pritam:

Akal Pritam’s life as a dharma artist began in early childhood, when she displayed a natural talent for communication. Her work resonates with a diverse range of individuals and inspires them to self-love and grow the light of their own soul.

She began her career in the early 80s as a fashion art director, in Australia and internationally. From there she moved into publishing and created many internationally successful books. At this time Akal completely changed her approach to life, practicing of yoga and meditation, studying metaphysics and healing with whole foods. In 2011, Akal and her life partner Aaron Wilson created ‘The Dispensary’, Melbourne, an organic, raw food, vegan cafe and wellbeing store that attracted many souls wanting to self nurture and reclaim their health. Akal created ranges of raw vegan food and chocolate,  aromatherapy, herbal teas, chai and unique gifts, and also ran workshops on plant-based living, self-healing practices and, aromatherapy and the chakras. In 2015 Akal and her family followed their hearts and moved to wild and beautiful, Byron Bay.

Akal is now focused on creating unique books, gift products and art that is food for the soul.




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