Radiantly You! Session 50
{One Mind: The Great Consciousness with Dr. Larry Dossey}

Air Date: 07/18/2018 – 8am Pacific Time
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Show Notes:

Dr. Larry Dossey’s books have had a HUGE impact on my understanding of the interplay of consciousness and spirituality. I first read his book Healing Words when I was exploring the healing power of prayer, meditation and blessings and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Larry’s most recent book is One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. With a title like that, you know this book is a deep dive into the outer reaches of human consciousness.

You’ve probably heard about various aspects of the human mind, like conscious, unconscious, subconscious, even collective conscious and collective unconscious mind. The ‘One Mind’ Larry talks about exists above all this, as an infinite, overarching dimension that includes all minds – and in his book he reviews the scientific evidence suggesting that the idea of separate minds is an illusion – our minds are nonlocal with respect to space and time.

Larry feels that the ‘One Mind’ explains phenomena as diverse as epiphanies, creative breakthroughs, premonitions of danger or disaster, near-death experiences, communication with other species and with the dead, reincarnation, the movement of herds, flocks, and schools, and remote healing. 

Some areas we’ll explore in our conversation:

  • Evidence that the One Mind is real
  • How to access the One Mind
  • The implications of the One Mind for healing as individuals and as a collective humanity
  • The reason we aren’t aware of the reality of the One Mind
  • Larry’s One Mind experiences
  • Facebook: a One Mind experience or not?
  • The connection between the One Mind and God/Universe/Source


About Larry Dossey:

This distinguished Texas physician, deeply rooted in the scientific world, has become an internationally influential advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Bringing the experience of a practicing internist and the soul of a poet to the discourse, Dr. Larry Dossey offers panoramic insight into the nature and the future of medicine.

An education steeped in traditional Western medicine did not prepare Dr. Dossey for patients who were blessed with “miracle cures,” remissions that clinical medicine could not explain.

“Almost all physicians possess a lavish list of strange happenings unexplainable by normal science,” says Dr. Dossey. “A tally of these events would demonstrate, I am convinced, that medical science not only has not had the last word, it has hardly had the first word on how the world works, especially when the mind is involved.”

The author of twelve books and numerous articles, Dr. Dossey is the former Executive Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most widely subscribed-to journal in its field. He is currently Executive Editor of the peer reviewed journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. His colleagues in medical schools and hospitals all over the country trust him, honor his message, and continually invite him to share his insights with them. He has lectured all over the world, including major medical schools and hospitals in the United States –Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, the Universities of Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic.

The impact of Dr. Dossey’s work has been remarkable. Before his book Healing Words was published in 1993, only three U.S. medical schools had courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in health; currently, nearly 80 medical schools have instituted such courses, many of which utilize Dr. Dossey’s works as textbooks. In his 1989 book Recovering the Soul, he introduced the concept of “nonlocal mind” — mind unconfined to the brain and body, mind spread infinitely throughout space and time. Since then, “nonlocal mind” has been adopted by many leading scientists as an emerging image of consciousness.

Dr. Dossey’s ever-deepening explication of nonlocal mind provides a legitimate foundation for the merging of spirit and medicine. The ramifications of such a union are radical and call for no less than the reinvention of medicine.

In 2013, Larry Dossey received the prestigious Visionary Award by the Integrative Healthcare Symposium, that honors a pioneer whose visionary ideas have shaped integrative healthcare and the medical profession.

Dr. Dossey lives in Santa Fe, NM, with his wife Barbara, a nurse educator and author of several award-winning books.


Connect with Larry: larrydosseymd.com



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