Radiantly You! Session 46
{There is No Hell with Linnie Thomas}

Air Date: 06/20/2018 – 8am Pacific Time
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Show Notes:

Are you curious about dimensions beyond this physical life? Ghosts? Our purpose? What happens when we die? Yeah, me too! Author and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor, Linnie Thomas joins me for an amazing conversation about these topics and more, as well as her new book, There is No Hell. Before I ever met Linnie, I won a book she had written, The Encyclopedia of Energy MedicineI never guessed I’d actually meet the author, but (lucky me!) I did when I assisted her with a Healing Touch class – and what an honor! Linnie is a gifted and visionary healer (in addition to her writing) and I recall her coaching me to ‘see’ the root chakra (which I never did!).

In There is No Hell, Linnie takes us on an incredible journey to find the answers to life’s most troubling questions: Why are we here? Does each person have a purpose for coming to planet Earth? What happens when we cross over?  Originally she intended for this book to bring comfort to people who are dying or have a loved one in the process of dying. But books have a way of writing themselves and the author is merely a typist recording the words for posterity. It has gone way beyond the original purpose and into the depths of the unknown.


About Linnie:

Linnie Thomas began her life’s work when she was offered a scholarship to the healing school of her choice.  At that time she had no knowledge of energy work.  The reams of uncultivated information on the Internet did not help very much.  The Barbara Brennan School, even with a scholarship was more than she could afford.  After checking into Reiki, Linnie felt she needed a more structured discipline.  Coming from a family of engineers, including her own field of study, this was important to her.  Fortunately, she met someone who had studied Healing Touch.  That connection put her in touch with the Healing Touch Program home office and, to her delight, a class was offered in her area a few weeks later.

She knew the very first night of class that her life had changed completely.  She had had a lifetime of experience using reason and logic.  In this class she learned to pair reason and logic with natural intuition.  It wasn’t an easy transition.  After three years of study she became a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and two years later became a Healing Touch Certified Instructor.

Students often ask her what is the right form of energy healing for them to practice.  She encourages them to explore their own abilities and look for disciplines that match their comfort zones.  Some people need science and structure. Others just want to do the work without a lot of paper work and titles.

Because students wanted to know more about other disciplines in energy work, she used her experience as a technical writer for Tektronix, and later Intel, to write The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine. It took four years to write the book.  During that time she took classes, received treatments and studied over two hundred different disciplines in energy medicine.  Only sixty-five made it into the encyclopedia.  She is currently working on five other books.

Linnie has a healing practice where she incorporates both Healing Touch techniques and shamanistic work. She also teaches Healing Touch Program Level 1 classes at local hospitals and  VA hospitals.

Linnie has three children, two grandchildren, and a dog.  Besides giving treatments, teaching classes and writing books, she likes to spend her time reading, quilting, knitting and cooking.


Linnie’s Website

Linnie’s Healing Touch Level 1 Class


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