Radiantly You! Session 42
{Essential Oil Safety with Hana Bělíková}

Air Date: 05/02/2018 – 8am Pacific Time
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Show Notes:

From  how essential oils work in the body to important safety tips to prevent injury, our guest Hana Bělíková of the Tisserand Institute, will be answering important questions to keep you and your family from experiencing unwanted side effects.

We’ll talk about using essential oils in the bath (there are some big no-nos you’ll want to listen for), on your body, inhaling them, using them on children, with pets and in food. You’ll also hear about the Tisserand Institute’s Essential Oil Safety Masterclass, a six-part safety certification program.

Robert Tisserand founded the Institute and introduced the issue of safety to aromatherapists 33 years ago with his book, The Essential Oil Safety Data Manual. Although aromatherapy schools, Facebook groups and companies often provide safety information, the guidelines sometimes vary, and information can actually be contradictory. The Tisserand Institute wants to clarify areas of confusion. 

Hana will share the latest information and research to provide clarity on reasonable caution vs. fear mongering, why safety guidelines make sense, the truth behind some common safety myths and the most important safety challenges and how to approach them.


About Hana:

Hana is a translator and interpreter who came to aromatherapy by coincidence. In 2014, Robert Tisserand gave a seminar in her home town of Prague, and she was hired as the interpreter. That weekend turned out to be a pivotal moment in her life. Hana became a “sorcerer’s apprentice” – she has been working at the Tisserand Institute, taking care of its operation and getting an intense crash-course in aromatherapy at the same time. Rather than being a practitioner, she is interested in the science behind essential oils.

Hana has said: “Ask me what I think about magic and I will show you a research paper. Plants create essential oils as an incredibly sophisticated system of defense and communication, fine tuned to the needs of each species. We now have an opportunity to observe how these molecules work on our body and mind. My goal is to conquer the magic of scent through scientific understanding and knowledge.”



Tisserand Institute Website

Free Mini-Course from the Tisserand Institute

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