Radiantly You! Session 36
{Wanderlust for Spiritual Seekers with Arizona Bell}

Air Date: 03/21/2018 – 8am Pacific
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Show Notes:

  • How traveling supercharges spiritual growth and awakenings.
  • Arizona Bell’s top travel destinations
  • All about Spirit Guides Magazine
  • Why are old souls called to travel so much?
  • Arizona’s experience with death and the afterlife

About Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell is a spiritual author, co-founder and editorial director of Spirit Guides Magazine, and co-host of Spirit Guides Radio. Bell has a BS in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University and has written extensively for newspapers, magazines, websites, and businesses, including The Los Angeles ReviewGrief DigestCurve Magazine, and The Establishment. Her first book This Is How You Be: A simple guide to true happiness is available now. She lives on the west coast with her three-legged rescue pup, Leo.

A dual citizen of Germany and America, Arizona Bell’s first overseas airplane flight was in the womb—setting her up for a lifetime of wanderlust. Spiritual exploration came fiercely in her early 20s and since then she has been gradually shifting her spiritual purpose closer and closer to the nucleus of her life. Two years ago, following the death of her mother, Arizona hit the rock bottom necessary to propel herself to fearless new heights. Today, her many years as a writer, editor, traveler, and seeker, have prepared her to launch the project of her dreams: this one right here in your hands.

She will be presenting at the 2018 Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium this September in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her presentation is “Good Grief: A Modern Day Discussion on Grief and the Afterlife.” Spirit Guides Magazine was born from a place of rock bottom and deep sadness due to complex loss and grief. Arizona’s experience with death and the afterlife since is a pretty cool story!

Contact her at [email protected].

About Spirit Guides Magazine

Spirit Guides Magazine is your resource for inspired travel. Whether you are a pilgrim of the soul or a worldly wanderlust (or, likely, both!), we are your divinely-attuned compass. This magazine’s only purpose is to help people find themselves within themselves—to be a lighthouse for those in dark waters—is a dedication to her mother, Maria Houstoun, who alone gave her wings and showed her how to use them.
From every corner of the world, we publish conversations with renowned spiritual leaders, mystics, healers, shamans, teachers, psychics–any midwife of spirit–as well as travel articles as seen from a mystical lens. Additionally, we curate all your favorite cosmic products, services, and events, as well as host an international spiritual directory to help you find the perfect healers, teachers, and retreat centers for your soul’s growth.
As spirituality makes its way more and more into mainstream consciousness, Spirit Guides’ intention is to be the modern voice for ancient wisdoms.

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