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{Releasing Trauma Energies}

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This episode of Radiantly You! is about the energetic impacts of trauma. Often when we have something really bad happen to us physically, emotionally or mentally it leaves an energetic imprint that we aren’t even aware of. Those ‘trapped’ energies can ripple into our lives with some unwanted consequences, ranging from behavioral and emotional issues to pain and illness. I’m sharing in more detail why energies get stuck in our bodies and how the process of releasing the energies related to a trauma works and how it can heal in unexpected ways!

Additional Resources:

Schedule a call with Susie to explore trauma release and whether it’s right for you

Craniosacral therapy is another method that supports trauma release

If you’d like to learn how to add trauma release to your practice, contact the Healing Touch program or reach out to me and I can advise you.

Peter Levine’s book, Waking the Tiger, is an excellent resource

Show Transcript

….Moving right along into the topic of today’s show, which is the energetics of trauma. And the reason it’s important to look at this is because it can be a huge source of resistance and limitation in your life… but more on that later.

I want to start by saying that there are two primary types of trauma – physical… like a car accident or assault, and there is emotional or mental trauma… like abandonment, suicide or verbal abuse.

But the effects of these traumas are much wider reaching, with physical reactions, emotional reactions and spiritual reactions. And they are not always what you’d expect.

Probably every single one of  you listening has had some kind of trauma, and I’m willing to be that you’re carrying lingering energetic impacts that you aren’t even aware of.

Of course, if you’ve had a very violent assault or something incredibly traumatic happen to you, you’re probably pretty dialed in to the aftermath. But even in these cases, you may not be aware of how this event has rippled out into your life.

So, let’s talk about what might have happened to you when you experience a trauma. You might have been hospitalized and nursed back to health by doctors and therapists… physical therapists and occupational therapists. Or maybe you were sent to talk therapy.

But there are energetic impacts that permeate into your cellular memory and need to be released energetically and spiritually. And when I say spiritually, I am talking about connecting to a higher power, whatever that might be for you – your higher self, your wise self, God, source, universe…

I just spent this last weekend with an amazing group of Healing Touch practitioners and teachers…diving so deep into trauma release and I really want to share this with you because it can be life changing! And I’m speaking from experience.

Let me give you an example of my own story of energetic trauma from something that happened to me when I was 7 – a really long time ago. And if I’m being honest, I had not thought about this incident in years! In fact, I listened to so many other people’s stories of trauma before a light went on and I remembered, yeah, that thing when I was 7 was huge.

So, I was playing with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood on a beautiful spring day in Texas, where I lived back then. Somehow it was decided that we’d play baseball, you know the neighborhood lot kind, where everyone is really close together? Well, someone stuck me in outfield and I hated that. I thought it was so boring, so I hatched a brilliant plan in my mind.

When the kid who was up at bat threw the bat, I was going to be the first to run up and grab it. Hey, we played kind of a wild west baseball…or at least I did!

I remember being in the sprinter’s position and seeing that boy raise the bat, and BOOM, that was all I remembered. Next thing I knew I was lying on the ground with people all around me staring at me, and I knew something was really wrong and I just wanted my mom.

Long story short, I got hit upside the head with a baseball bat. I was knocked unconscious and ended up with 38 stitches.  But I was a kid and I healed fast and really enjoyed all the TLC and sympathy I got (plus getting to ride in a wheelchair at the hospital). I really – aside from not liking baseball and having a scar on my face – forgot all about this.

Here’s where it gets interesting. As I’m in this group sharing my story – because all of us healers were digging up something traumatic that had happened in our past – I was overcome with emotions and could barely keep from bursting into tears. I felt shaky all over.

Now I’m kind of a bioenergetics and body geek, so at the same time as these sensations are rising up in me, I’m thinking this is really cool and I want to know more. I was really curious.

So before I tell how the trauma release went, I want to tell you a little about the geeky part. Why does this stuff lodge energetically in our bodies in a way that makes it difficult for doctors and therapists to get at? It seems like that’s the million dollar question, right?

Let’s think about trauma as a very stressful – maybe even shocking – incident. Our bodies have some really primitive response mechanisms that kick in for survival in these situations… because there are really important things the body is programmed to do to ensure our survival. And our bodies do the best they can – we have to acknowledge and appreciate that.

When we experience trauma, there’s a tremendous force of energy that either enters our body or is generated in our body… or both. and because we’re most likely in a fight or flight response mode, normal flows of energy get constricted and even walled off, so the body can focus on getting us out of whatever mess we’re in.

This trauma energy – I’ll just call it that for lack of a better way to talk about it – lodges in tissues and cells and even DNA – as energetic residue…energetic trauma. And it can stay there for years and  years and years. It can even take up residence in your energy field.

Long after bones and cuts have healed, long after therapy has soothed inner wounds, the effects can linger. Dealing with trauma from just a physical or mental viewpoint often misses a big part of the picture.

Let’s look at some of the lingering impacts, starting with physical ones: disturbed sleep, tiredness, nagging sense of dread about something (and it doesn’t even have to be related to the trauma), digestive issues, a strong desire to comfort others, poor memory, unexplained trembling inside or out, heart arrhythmia, feeling of a heavy heart and headaches.

Some of the behavioral symptoms of lingering trauma energies could include: poor concentration, hyperactivity, startling easily, wanting to be alone, keep busy to a point that’s just not reasonable or that’s exhausting, fearing for safety of self and hypervigilance.

Psychological reactions might include: feeling like you don’t fit in, sometimes just wanting to scream, flashbacks, over-reactions to irritating things, anxiety, insecurity about the future or having a hard time dealing with uncertainty, depression, feeling like no one understands you, and self blame.

For me, in the case of being knocked out and having all those stitches when I was 7, I didn’t realize that I was holding a fear from my own safety around sports and physical activities. That was such a big aha moment… to realize this. So, I encourage you to take a look at things in your life that are amiss, and think about traumatic experiences you may have had. Meditate on them a little and see if you get any reaction in your body or if you receive any inner wisdom about it. If you do, I really encourage you to explore getting an energetic and spiritual release of that trauma.

Now I’m not – and I want to be very clear here – I’m not saying that you should stop any counseling or medication that you are currently taking. Any work I talk about is always complementary and intended to boost the effects of your existing healthcare treatment.

So, when you have trauma-related energy problems, when the energy is locked up – quite literally – in your tissues, cells, DNA or energy field, there is a cost of containment.

John Upledger, who created craniosacral therapy – researched this for some 35 years. He found that the harder it was for patients to deal with these energy residues, the more severe their pains, disabilities, limitations, obstacles in life, and even illnesses were.

This is really mind-blowing stuff. And it’s also really empowering because it’s great news that there’s something you can do! I always love to be able to tell people when there’s a solution and hopefully inspire them into action. There’s no need to suffer endlessly.

So, I’ve explained about how energy from traumas can stick in the body (or around the body). And I’ve talked about some of the impacts of this. Now let’s talk about what releasing the trauma is all about.

What I’m telling you today is what I do in my practice with clients and I learned from the method developed by Janet Mentgen, a nurse who created Healing Touch. And her methods are based partly on work by a psychologist who worked with police on severely traumatized people. There are also aspects pulled from native healing techniques of the Hopi Indian Nation. And some aspects of progressive relaxation that you’d find in clinical hypnosis. It really is an incredibly powerful way (yet gentle) to address the energetics of trauma.

Basically, the process begins by recalling the traumatizing event in vivid detail. Sort of going back to the scene of the event. This is an important part of it, because the tissues and cells need to recall the traumatic experiences in order to find out where the energy has taken up residence in or around the body. This is done incredibly gently – it’s not retraumatizing. And it’s done in such sacred space that the person releasing the trauma feels a sense of deep safety and love that supports their work.

Once the memory has been recalled, the person is taken to a place of deep relaxation in order to relax all those muscles and quiet that part of the mind that has been working hard to help keep those energies walled in, because -remember – the mind and body felt like this was in your best interest at the time.

Then we establish a sort of communication with the body, allowing sensations to arise and wherever they do, that shows us where the energies are being held… and where they are ready to be released. The body will never release something it’s not ready to let go of. Then there’s a beautiful, heart-centered release process that’s done for all long as the person continues to feel trauma energy sensations in the her body.

Every single person I’ve witnessed experience this release has emerged feeling strong and with a new level of awareness and lightness about the traumatic event.

Let me hop back to my hit upside the head with a bat story. When this energy release was done on me, it was really interesting. As we started doing the work, I had so much inner trembling and that was really unexpected – but you can see the energy release was ready to happen. It was also interesting because the trauma energies were stored in my legs, abdomen, chest, shoulders and back.. but not in my head, face or jaw where the injury occured. Now, whether or not I’ll be signing up for the local roller derby league, well, stay tuned!

If you’re interested in learning more about trauma release or having a session with Susie, please schedule a call or send an email.



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