{18} Detox for a New Year, New You with Tammy Smith


With special guest Tammy Smith {Healthy Transformations}
Original Air Date: 01/18/2017

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Detox for a New Year, New You | Tammy Smith


Are you ready to unload toxins in your body and feel fabulous? Women’s Health, Fitness and Empowerment Coach Tammy Smith delves into the importance of regular detoxing, the benefits for various health conditions, and how it can help with the body’s natural cycles. Tammy coaches people with all sorts of health conditions, moving them in the direction of health. An important part of this includes helping them detox. She’s created a short and easy 5-day detox balances nutrition, calories and is focused on consuming the right nutrients throughout the day. It’s a great way to boost your energy or jump start your fitness and wellness goals. 

During the show, we’ll talk about

  • The benefits and challenges of detoxing
  • What is toxic overload and why does it happen
  • Four major organ systems of detoxification (lungs, colon, kidneys, skin)
  • Mistakes people make when doing a detox
  • Tammy’s 5-Day Detox
  • What happens after you detox

About Tammy Smith

Tammy Smith, owner of Healthy Transformations Health Coaching has been a Licensed Physical Therapist for over 30 years and is also a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She considers herself an empath and has helped many on their path to healing.  She has personal experience with divorce, single parenting, sexual and physical abuse, and the grief from losing multiple family members, including her mother to Alzheimer’s.  Understanding the emotional components of food addiction and negative self talk has been a lifelong journey. Tammy is passionate about helping women particularly, in achieving better health through encouraging and educating them with improved nutrition, finding physical movement they love and implementing better self care.  She believes we have the power in many instances to heal ourselves by gaining a love and respect for our bodies and souls. She states, “I value the ability of people to change their lives, their health and their future.  I believe with consistent effort, good insight and proper support we can live long healthy lives.”   

[Tammy’s Healthy Transformations Website]

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