{16} Quantum Creator Bootcamp with Christy Lee Beckley


With special guest Christy Lee Beckley {SoulSurge Healing Arts}
Original Air Date: 01/04/2017

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Quantum Creator Bootcamp | Christy Lee Beckley


Who would you become if you spent the next 30 days taking quantum leaps towards completing that creative project that you are sure will change your life?Are you up for the challenge of transforming yourself and your reality? If these questions get you excited and shouting yes, be sure to tune in when Christy Lee Beckley joins Susie to talk about her Quantum Creator Bootcamp – an ultra-fun way to set goals, take authentic action and have your best year ever!

Christy will challenge you to give your dreams a real chance and hold yourself to a higher standard of action as you learn (or perhaps remember) what you are truly capable of when you move outside your comfort zone. Get ready to create a new version of yourself and a new playground of reality in which to explore and thrive.

About Christy Lee Beckley

I just might be a bit “woo-woo”, but don’t be fooled… I am also highly intelligent, wise beyond my years and “see” beyond our world. I’m totally convinced that if you are drawn to me, it is probably because you have reached a point in your life in which you are experiencing, or are on the verge, of a breakdown of the old and a breakthrough to the new… and for those who have been willing to let my heartfelt wisdom in as I hold up the “mirror”, it has been a transformational experience.

I have been a Certified Coach, Healing Practitioner and Trainer for the last 7 years. I am passionate and skilled in assisting clients from all walks of life in defining their vision, setting appropriate goals for growth and strategizing ways to achieve those goals quickly and efficiently. I specialize in a combination of life purpose discovery, stress management & self-care techniques, intuitive awareness & development, healing shame and self-sabotage, vibrational education, awareness, amplification and alignment.

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