{06} Reclaim Your Day + Voices That Get Heard


With special guests Emily Kasman {Infinite Health hOMe} + Alexis O’Donahue {Voices That Get Heard}
Original Air Date: 10/19/2016

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Reclaim Your Day | Emily Kasman


Too busy to take good care of yourself? Then you’ll want to hear about the Reclaim Your Day Method, Emily’s dynamic strategy for prioritizing self care into busy schedules. Quite a bit of information is already out there about self care, but very little of it helps you actualize it onto your calendar. Developing a routine that incorporates self care key! That’s where Reclaim Your Day comes in and allows you to be the architect of your own life.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • The ideal daily routine
  • Upcoming workshops
  • Mindfully nourishing yourself
  • Self care that works for YOU

About Emily Kasman

As a self care expert, Emily prides herself on walking the walk. Her daily schedule consists of small, achievable, and nourishing techniques that incorporate all seven self care categories: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, and Professional.After teaching yoga regularly in the hustle and bustle of Seattle, she moved to Redmond, WA in search of a quieter pace and greener surroundings. Since her move in February 2016, she has created a sacred space, called Infinite Health hOMe, in her house, where she facilitates self care one day retreats, group and individual coaching sessions, workshops and unique classes.

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Voices That Get Heard | Alexis O’Donahue


Your voice has biometric authenticity – it cannot be copied and no two voices are alike. The resonance of your voice is pure energy and can help you claim your personal power. It can also move energy through your body – whether singing or chanting. It’s a fantastic way to connect with your throat chakra energy center, which allows you to speak your truth. Vocal toning can even be used as a healing method.

During the show, we’ll talk about:

  • Things that affect your voice
  • Breath as fuel
  • The effects of dehydration, emotions and stress
  • How to add sparkle and brilliance to your voice

About Alexis O’Donahue

Alexis is passionate about voice – how it allows you to show up in the world, claim your power, and heal. She loves helping people get curious about exploring and discovering their unique voice. Alexis is a singer – pop, jazz, blues opera and musicals – and she is the voice on numerous audiobooks.  She created Vocal Mastery Training, a workshop for groups and companies who desire to feel more confident with their speech production, but need real-life, time efficient strategies that work in their busy lives. Alexis has learned from and worked with Tony Robbins, T.Harv Ekker, Mark Victor Hansen, Blair Singer, Richard Green, and more. These luminaries of the speaking world know the importance of keeping their most important tool, their unique voice, healthy and functioning at its best.

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